Monday, June 15, 2009

High Maintenance Girl

Before you read further, lemme warn you first. This entry is very full of myself. In which, it means this entry will be all about my bimbo-ness and maybe useless ramblings. Well, this is one way to make myself happy, right?

Anyway, let's get down to business, shall we?

I don't know since when did it happen but yeah, it happened and better still, it happened through time. Gosh, I think I'm a changed person now.

Where should I start?

Alright, it all started during CNY this year when all of a sudden, my brother commented on my collection of stuffs. Stuffs basically means everything from gadgets to clothes to food - anything. Then, when Jeremy and I met up during CNY, he said he couldn't agree more than what my brother has commented earlier, "You're a high maintenance girl."

Yes, you didn't read wrongly because for once again, just few days ago, my brother told me the same thing but this time, it went like this, "Diana and you are just so different from each other and the most obvious difference is that you're brand conscious but your sister is not."

When he found the plastic bag of Forever 21 lingering about in the room, he asked me again, "You're really brand conscious, right? Forever 21? How much did you spent on your dresses at Forever 21?"

Now, lemme count...

RM89 + RM89 + RM109 = RM287.

Now, you can open your eyes WIDE and STARE at me like mad!

Up to this point, I've splurged a lot at Forever 21 and believe me, their dresses are amazing if you can find one that fits you nicely and shows your curves.

I'm so going to go back there again some time soon.

Then, when I was talking to a friend the other day when we hung out, I was telling her that I wanna get a DSLR from Sony. Then, she said I should consider maybe Nikon or Olympus. You know what I told her?

"Sony is more branded than Nikon or Olympus."

Lame, right?

I know I own a Sony Cybershot DSC-T2 and yeah, lemme repeat, SONY and not other brands, but still I wanna go for another Sony.

Then, when I've gotten Baby Pink in February, it obviously showed that I'm very brand conscious...

I know, and yes, you didn't see wrongly. My Baby Pink is my Sony Vaio, no mistake! Darn... I spent so much on this baby and I love her so damn much, alright?

Yesterday, when I went laptop-hunting with my siblings, something caught my attention...

In fact, I've been keeping an eye on products from Apple for so long already and it was just that I didn't have the budget to spend RM189 on a small piece of 1GB gadget.

Yes, now, I've the budget already and I'm so damn proud of myself. Aren't you proud of me for splurging like mad these days?


Anyway, those are just like teeny-weeny part of my collection, I'll update you guys again soon but for now, I'm going to bed since I need to catch a morning flight!

Before I go, nah, I didn't spend RM189 on that MP3 Player. It was only RM39 for 1GB and it isn't Apple. It's just some cetak rompak thingy from China. Hahahaha...

At the end of the day, I am still a high maintenance girl.


clara8050 said...

Forever 21... Cool...
Thanks to ji muisss, u..
Intro me to such a nice place..
C ya again this end of month for another trip to Forever 21...

Angel Valerie said...

no worries, no worries!