Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bangkok - Day 1

Yeaps... for the next few entries, they will all be about Bangkok and maybe a little bit of camwhoring pictures.

Our journey started on the 16th of June 2009 when our flight landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. Aih... I'm not sure of the spelling because honestly, I've forgotten every single Thai romanized spelling. Whatever it is, to me, it's still known as Bangkok Airport.

The first sight that greeted me was the colour pink!

Yes, Bangkok is very pink. The taxis in Bangkok are pink! The buses in Bangkok are pink also! Darn... why can't we have pink here in Malaysia too?

Bangkok is quite pink, right? Haha... I love pink to bits. By the way, in Bangkok, everything can happen. Take for example, you're stuck in traffic jam, you can't move your car but there's a lane next to you for the cars from opposite direction. Well, you can use that lane! Tuk Tuks in Bangkok do it pretty often!

We got to the hostel, Hi-Sukhumvit, around 3p.m. or so. Ah, I cannot remember but the thing for sure is that it was 3p.m. Malaysian time and 2p.m. Thailand's time.

Lemme show you few pictures of the hostel we stayed at for 9 days and 8 nights...

Not so bad, right? If you're interested, click the link above and check out from there. I'm just too busy and lazy to go through every single detail.

After which we've unpacked our stuffs, our first few destinations were Siam Paragon, Siam Center and the infamous MBK. Don't ask me what MBK stands for, I don't know. All that I know MBK is a shopping center that looks something like Sg. Wang or Times Square .

As for Siam Paragon, it is something like Pavilion or so. Use your thinking hat and imagine but for me Siam Paragon is more luxurious than Pavilion at KL. Yes, a lot nicer and prettier in design and easily accessible using BTS, Bangkok's very own sky train that is freaking expensive can die.

Bought nothing more than few M.A.C. pigments on Day 1 because, I was still trying to get used to their currency, RM10 equals to 100 Baht and so on, so for.

Lastly, about the food in Bangkok before I conclude Day 1's entry...

Three of us got food-culture-shock when we first got there. We couldn't really adapt to their food style and culture. I thought Thai Tom Yam is supposed to taste a lot better than those found in Malaysia but heck no. When I've done researches and asked Jeremy about it, he said, "Tom Yam in Malaysia is fake, that's why you couldn't taste the same thing at Bangkok."

Then only I realized whenever we went to restaurants at Bangkok, there were 4 essential ingredients prepared on the table - fish sauce, sugar, salt and pepper perhaps. We should actually add these ingredients into the Tom Yam to make it tastes better.

I didn't know that!

Again, the Tom Yam in Bangkok isn't exactly cheap too. For a bowl of Tom Yam, it'll cost you around 70 to 80 Baht, something similar to the price in Malaysia.

Anyway, before I end, this is a picture with three of us standing in front of MBK. Don't ever mention I never want to share pictures with us inside...

I dreaded showing the picture to you guys because I looked so damn terrible on the first day. I wasn't all ready for all the picture-taking sessions and I know, I looked damn fat and ugly in the picture, so, please don't remind me...

Day 2 coming up next!

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