Friday, June 26, 2009

MJ's Legacies

It was indeed shocking when I switched on the radio before heading off to PJ to work this morning that the ever so famous and legendary Michael Jackson passed away at 5.21a.m. Malaysian time due to cardiac arrest. My brain stopped functioning for a while.

It brought me back to the time of Blood on the Dance Floor years ago when I first heard about it at a friend's birthday party. It was one of the songs I grew up with although I was and am not a fan of his.

I think among all his songs, my favourite should be You Are Not Alone. That song really touched my heart the very first time I listened to it. Yeah, it was so damn long ago - probably the first screening of Free Willy or things like that, I'm not sure. Whatever it is, I think that is one of his songs that touches the heart of so many people whether you like MJ or not.

MJ might not be the best person to set as an example but still, his contributions to the world of entertainment were too obvious to be denied. There were just so many things he had done before passing on at the age of 50. In fact, there are still so many things MJ planned to do like the news of his comeback and tour to London. I guess, it is true that human beings can only decide while God plans.

Today is certainly NOT a day for everyone to bitch about the sex issues that he had gotten himself into years ago because today is the day that each and everyone should remember Michael Jackson, The Legend and all his legacies.

Just like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, The King of Pop had already carved his name in the hearts of the people around the world with his departure.

Rest in peace, MJ.

May the Lord be with you.

P/S - Bangkok pictures and entries up next. Sorry for the delay, I'm a very busy woman -.-''

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