Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If you love me...

Please pray for me, okay?

I'm having an interview this coming Friday in which I need to conduct a mock lecture in front of strangers.

Yes, I am scared... Now, how many of you have seen me conducting lectures before exception for my previous suckie presentations? Nah, you don't need to tell me about anything to make me feel that I'm a good presenter because I know myself too well. I tend to tremble when I speak especially English in front of strangers and honestly Starbucks provides the chance for me to practice speaking English with the customers and also other partners - at least now, I trust my ability to convey messages in English better than before or at least, that is what I personally feel.

Whatever it is, pray for me, okies?

On the other hand, I'm kinda pissed at so many things lately... Yes, I get irritated so easily at so many things.

First of all - family thingy. I'm so freaking mad at my aunt who previously used to compare me to her daughter. Yeah, her daughter, my cousin, is far smarter than me, got a better results in all the public examinations, so what?!

I don't give a damn about her daughter's better performance!

Then again, just recently, she started to indulge herself in the comparing game again! She went around, telling people things like...

"If Angel gets to do Masters, my daughter will do PhD."
"If Angel gets a good job at KL, my daughter will get a job better than hers."
"If Angel gets a boyfriend with good qualifications, my daughter will get a boyfriend a lot better than hers."

Fuck the old lady!

Since when did I say that I want to compare myself to my cousin? The problem doesn't exist between my cousin and I, it's between her stupid mother and I - I've never liked her. I remember how she used to make fun of my weight back then by telling dad that, "Your daughter will never lose weight and look good like my daughter."

At that point of time, I was mad at dad because he didn't stand up for me when the stupid old lady said those kinda things right into his face. I remember every single thing that the old lady bitched about me in the past - yes, EVERY single detail.

What the fuck is she thinking?

I despise that old lady so much for everything she's said that hurted my feelings and also my family's.

OMG... what am I thinking - damn pissed!

The second thing is of course all the stuffs that took place lately at my workplace - as much as I love my job, still, because of some personal things, being at workplace is just like a torture. I told my twin brother about it and he told me to forgive and forget.

Perhaps, he's right but I just couldn't do so right now... He gets to get away with all the blames and all after he's toyed with my feelings while I'm the one going through hard times because of the harsh break up on MY birthday?!


The third thing is the miscommunication with customers at Starbucks. I really don't understand why some customers, mostly ladies, are such bitches! Really bitches, honestly!

Situation 1
Bitch A : Do you sell coffee filter?
Me : *puzzled* coffee filter?
Me : I'm not sure if it's available, lemme confirm with my supervisor.
Bitch A : I'll come back later.

A moment later, Azam came back with Bitch A.

AZ : I'm not sure if the coffee filter is available but lemme ask my manager.

AZ went into BOH to call D and Bitch A turned to me and sarcastically asked...

Bitch A : Isn't he your manager?
Me : He's my supervisor.
Bitch A : Where is your manager then? I want to talk to her.
Me : I'm sorry but she's not in the store.
Bitch A : Is she going to be in on Monday?
Me : She is on leave and will only come back next Sunday.

Then, she walked out of the store JUST LIKE THAT...

Fuck that bitch! She's being so rude even as a customer. I understand Starbucks' policy that customers are the top priority but can't those customers be a little more understanding?

Situation 2
Bitch B : Give me one venti Dark Berry Mocha Frappucino with skimmed milk.
Manja : Miss, if you're interested, you might want to consider to choose cream base frappucino because we're using skimmed milk for that - cream base pairs up nicer with the Dark Berry Mocha Frappucino.
Bitch B : What do you mean cream base and skimmed milk? I want something that is non-fattening!
Me : We understand, my partner is trying to tell you that the name cream doesn't mean it's fattening because it's prepared using skimmed milk as you requested while for coffee base, it's much sweeter unless you want to add water to it because the coffee base is prepared using the universal measurement.
Bitch B : This is RIDICULOUS! It's clearly stated in the paper that we can ask the baristas to make our beverages less sweet or hot or anything. THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS!!!

Then, FD came out of the BOH after hearing the argument...

FD : Can I help you?
Bitch B : Your staff here, are trying to make my life miserable! What do you mean by cream base when I've said I WANT SKIMMED MILK for my frappucino?!
FD : For the coffee base, there's no milk in the beverage, miss.
Bitch B : Why can't your staff just say that? This is much easier than trying to make me confused with cream base or coffee base!

She was the one who came in, requested for frappucino with skimmed milk, opted for Dark Berry Mocha Frappucino and yet, saying Manja and I tried to confused her. Her command of English sucks big time!

Fuck the fat bitch! We, baristas, are human beings as well and we're paid to serve you quality beverages and NOT to be rudely scolded by you when you don't even understand our messages! Yes, customers are always right but just go to the point to understand others because life is NOT all about your stupid fat arse only!

Argh... I'm still freaking pissed over the two bitches!

I think all these issues arise because I'm having insufficient sleep lately! I've been working in morning shift since Saturday and life has never been so terrible, having to wake up every morning at 5.30a.m.

On the brighter side of everything, I think there's a new guy who's trying to hit on me but I damn scared of him lor. He was telling me how cute I am in which I know I am cute, how much he wants to know me better and also asking me out this coming Sunday.

Nah, not so interested in relationships now.

Then again, I think I'm quite famous these days at my workplace. There's a guy who came in and asked for job and all of a sudden, when FD was talking to him, I found him staring at me like mad! Darn, his stare scared the daylight out of me!

Suddenly, he asked, "Where are you staying?"

I went blank all of a sudden because of that questions and went, "Ah..."

Ahmad, on the other hand, being protective, answered, "What are your reasons for asking?"

The stranger said, "I thought I saw this girl several times somewhere at Kepong before."

I was trying to hide from the scary stranger but he kept on asking me where I'm staying and I got so irritated. Same went to Ahmad that he replied, "You don't need to ask her, she's staying at Sg. Buloh, far away from Kepong - you must have made a mistake!"

I am not staying at Sg. Buloh for your information, Ahmad was just trying to answer him for the sake of answering only.

The stranger went again, "Which part of Sg. Buloh?"

Shit... I was damn irritated and annoyed, really! Okay, I'm famous, so what?! Thus, I was shooed into BOH by Ahmad because he saw how uneasy I was. Even when the stranger went out of the store, he still peeped from the outside!

Damn miang and hamsap!

Whatever it is... I need my beauty sleep now - I need to wake up early for work tomorrow too and at the same time, please remember to pray for my upcoming interview, okay?

I love you guys!


clement said...

interestingly long post.... speechless....

Angel Valerie said...

and thank u for dropping by, clement and also, for commenting. indeed, my life is 'interesting' by the way. haha...