Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is it me or it's someone else?

I found out most of my blogger friends are not blogging or even commenting any longer these days. The only two persons that I know that still update their blogs and also commenting in others' blogs are Bernard and also Kakak Alice. Where is everybody these days?

I'm in the exception list because I update my blog so often like crazy and addicted - sigh... everyone is so busy these days.

I feel bitter and hard and pissed today at work again. I don't know if it's the problem within myself or others because I feel like it's a combination of both. Perhaps, us, being human beings, are indeed realistic sometimes. When you are attached to somebody who is an apple of everyone's eyes, everyone tends to treat you better and differently and when you break up with that person, thus, these people will began to tunjuk belang.

Lemme tell you what I went through at work today.

There were a lot of customers today. AZ, Amir and I were working our arses off because of the never-ending queue since the new partner had something up and couldn't come. I was actually supposed to leave at 1p.m. but due to the busy hour and also short of partner, I stayed on until 2p.m. just to help out.

So... when the queue finally ended, the time was 1.45p.m. Since I was preparing the beverages earlier, I had to clean the bar because it was in such a mess as the result of the busy hour and also, I couldn't find the Blue Towel to clear the mess. Then, AZ asked me to leave the cleaning job to him since I was supposed to till out and go home.

Hence, I left the cleaning job there and went into BOH to count the profit of the day. Few minutes later, the ex came into BOH as well and asked, "Who's the one doing bar earlier? It's in such a mess!"

Alright, nothing special but I damn geram because he knew I was doing the bar earlier and can't he just cleared the mess since he was free while everyone was doing something? Did he really need to go announcing who was doing the bar?

Previously, if he did bar and there was a mess, I would just clear and clean everything without even uttering a word or even telling everyone about it and now, this is how he treats me.

Good. Very good indeed.

Now that we've broken up, I think he's trying to make a clear cut that we are no longer related, so, he can probably choose to go against me.

Perhaps I shouldn't even helped to clean up the mess he made in the past and now he's spoilt for goodness sake! AZ told me he was kinda pissed too because he used to do that for the ex as well but without complaining.

Does he think I'm trying to get back with him again?

Read my lips if you could...


I'm trying to make a clearer cut that he and I are no longer attached and I no longer need to do anything to please him and if I have to, I too will go against him.

Just don't make me do it!

At the same time, I found out that I have an issue with the DM. Alright, the DM is really a nice guy I'd say because he leads well and does the management thingy very organizely. The thing is... today, I finally saw how he responded to me when I was attached the ex and when we broke up - everything is just so different.

The case of being too realistic because the ex is the apple of everyone's eyes, I don't know why but he just is but right now at this moment, I don't give a damn about all those things anymore.

I just wish all these tortures would end soon and please pray for me that I'll get the job tomorrow after the interview - thanks in advance, everyone!

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