Thursday, April 16, 2009


I hate DiGi, I really hate DiGi although I still subscribe to DiGi!

I thought DiGi provides the cheapest call rate but hell, no! DiGi lied to me!

My brother came home a while ago, asking, "How the heck could your phone bill reach RM150.88?"

I was dumb-founded because all of a sudden, my mind went blank and I couldn't think. How the hell did my phone bill go up from RM98 to RM150.88 this month?

In February, I really SMS-ed him kao kao and the total bill was around RM98 only despite the fact that he is using Maxis and one SMS costs 15 cents. MCB, DiGi wanna kill me, I think!

Most of the calls I've made were to mum and dad. We can talk for hours and talk like mad but it's kinda impossible for the bill to reach RM150.88 this month, right? Yeah, I did call BFF often but she's using DiGi as well!

Previously, when I signed up for DiGi postpaid, the person told me that if my monthly bill reaches RM120, every call after that would be free of charge. Yeah, being a cheapo I am, I subscribed right away. So, the very next month, when I've gotten the bill, I almost jumped out of my skin when my bill was RM132.


It ended up that the stupid DiGi person was lying about the promotion because when I made a call to the customers' service, they told me that the promotion isn't valid any longer.

Fuck you, DiGi!

I'm very much depressed over the bill honestly and I'm thinking of going back to using prepaid to control my expenditure. From today onwards, no more calls or SMS-es unless they are necessary!

DiGi, you sucks big time!

Let's set aside the issue about DiGi for a while... I have so many complains today! I hate my typical, boring and monotonous life!

As soon as I woke up this morning, the only thing that came across my mind was food. Can you believe that I've been eating like mad since Monday and all the food I've eaten was so damn fattening can die?

Initially, I thought perhaps I could lose some weight during these 3 weeks of leave but heck, I ended up eating more than I could ever remember!

When I went to try on some of my previously bought clothes, especially my jeans, they cannot be buttoned any longer!

Fuck you, weight gain!

Then again, blame it on the stupid study week when all of us need to finish up our freaking Language and Gender assignment until wee hour of dawn! I've been staying up until 5a.m. these days just because my mind went into blank state and I've to sit there quietly to figure out what to write!

Fuck you, assignments!

There will come a day when I finally have to sit for my first paper next week and I'm damn NOT ready for it at all and the first paper is the toughest, "Varieties of English." OMFG... How am I going to answer all the three questions?

Rin just SMS-ed and emailed me regarding how Cass and her are going to answer the exam questions and I totally have NO idea on how I am going to do so!

Fuck you, exams!

Also, I've been feeling so freaking depressed because of my UGLY short hair! I can't seem to pull off any make-up or hairdo well these days because of my short hair and I despise my short hair and I totally regret listening to him, went ahead and chopped off my long hair!

Now, it keeps me thinking - probably he hates me because I look fugly with short hair, so, we broke up.

I miss my long, black hair so, so much... Please come back to mama... Mama promise I'll never let you out of my sight again...

I swear, if my hair grows longer this time, I'm NEVER EVER going to chop it off ever again. If there's someone who goes to you and say, "Short hair suits you better - you look younger."

Reply by showing him or her your middle finger and say, "Fuck off and try cutting your long hair short and tell me how it feels!"

Remember NOT to trust him or her saying short hair suits you better. It's bullshit, I tell you!

Fuck you, short hair!

At the end of the day, I realize even if I grumble and grumble about these things, it wouldn't help much.

So, I tarik balik every 'fuck' word I've used.

Thus, I rest my case. Good night, peeps!


JiNG said...

oi... dont fuck here and there.. not good.. haha..

Angel Valerie said...

how can i not be mad?

read my recent entry - even going out for a celebration SUCKS!!!