Friday, April 17, 2009

Fuck you, Sakae Sushi!

I'm still angry after last night's entry, goddammit!

I thought things would be better since we went to Starbucks, Jaya One and also Sakae Sushi, 1 Utama to celebrate Aminah Too's birthday.

Aminah Too was so damn happy because it was her first time at Sakae Sushi even though Princess has been mentioning about the nice and fresh and also cheaper salmon sushi there since we got to know her years ago!

The fact was I was a little skeptical over the idea of going to Sakae Sushi at 1 Utama because during my last visit there 2 months ago, their service and food sucks big time!

Having working under F & B for quite some time, I know very well about what to expect especially from restaurants that require service charge. Even for Starbucks, when customers need not pay the service charge, we still need to do clean up!

Lemme just tell you what happened. We stepped into Sakae Sushi around 8.45p.m. and waited 5 minutes for the staff to show us our seats. Fine, no problem with that. Then, when we were seated, I realized our table was wet, so, I tried calling the staff to wipe the table - waited 5 minutes for ONE staff to respond but she said, "Wait a minute!"

Alright, I waited... another 5 minutes passed by, I called the second staff. AGAIN, he told me, "Wait a second."

Okay, label me as impatient, I don't care... I waited for another 5 fucking minutes and called the third staff. For the fucking third time, she told me to WAIT!!!

Fuck all of them!

I had to resort to call the manager to clean up the freaking table for me in the end!

After looking through the menu for quite some time, we were ready to order. I waved. Princess waved. Aminah-chan waved too. MCB, none of the staff entertained us! I was already grumbling and grumbling that I bet the chef heard all the taboo words I was using. After 10 minutes, a staff after telling us to wait came to us to take our orders.

So, 5 minutes later, the staff came back to us saying, "Sorry, Fried Maki sold out."

Then, she just went off like that!

Impudent staff!

She didn't even give us a chance to make second order!

Aminah-chan and I were getting a little irritated already until our temaki were served, we realized they gave us the wrong order! So, Princess told the chef to change just one order because I wanted Spicy Salmon Temaki but it ended up the chef too three of the orders away from us and we were given back two Tuna Temaki.

Where the hell did my Spicy Salmon Temaki go?!

It was only until few minutes later, when I was ready to burst out of anger that Princess told me to calm down and reminded the chef that he had make a mistake in taking away the Spicy Salmon Temaki.

To hell with your professionalism!

Alright, calm down, Angel, calm down!

Then, when our Miso Soup came, the staff ended up bringing us only ONE bowl when we ordered TWO bowls! I had to wait for another 5 minutes before telling the staff that we were short of one bowl. Not only that, we asked and asked for spoons for three fucking times but the stupid staff didn't even give us the spoons even though two of them said, "Okay, okay."

Princess and I resorted to drink the soup directly from the bowl. I was feeling so unsatisfied with the service altogether!

It then, Aminah-chan decided to order Salmon Maki. First, she told a lady staff... We sat there, waiting patiently for Aminah's order - 5 minutes, 10 minutes. Fuck those people at Sakae Sushi! What the hell were they doing? Aminah reminded the staff for second time and we waited for another 5 more minutes before Princess decided to walk off since the service there stepped on our tails.

Fuck you, Sakae Sushi - for ruining my day and also my friend's birthday!


Khoo said...

Please come to the Berjaya times Square outlet ...My name is Timothy and I can assure you that the service in BTS Sakae Sushi outlet will not dissapoint you :) and sorry for the bad service in One Utama even it has already pass quite sometimes.

Yours Sincerely,
Timothy Khoo
BTS Sakae Sushi

Angel Valerie said...

Thank you for dropping by and honestly, it has been quite long since I last went to Sakae Sushi... probably 2 years back ever since then. The memory of it was bad until this very day.

I will pay the outlet at BTS a visit soon.