Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet Mocha

Since I'm on the verge or fainting due to so many things to study, I might as well post up my very first tutorial before I really faint.

The colour palette I used was from Cyber Colors by Sasa. It's palette number 2 with the name Sweet Mocha, hence, this tutorial would be called Sweet Mocha since my blog is all about sweet desserts and I'm the sweetest person on Earth.

Before I start, lemme just show you how the RM65.90 palette looks like...

Yeah, I know, damn expensive but I got it for RM55.90 at that time because I was entitled for discount if any of us bought 3 items and above.

Anyway, let's just proceed with the steps, shall we?

First step is to use base colour and that's colour number 1 in the palette. Dush, brush and do whatever it takes to put the colour onto your eyelids following the shape of your eyeballs.

Second step is to apply colour number 2 onto the outer half of your lids. The colour might looks weird because blending but trust me, everything is going to be fine after blending!

Third step is to apply darker tone, colour number 4 onto the area just above colour 1 and 2. Use your blending brush, take colour number 3 and blend all the colours well. If colour number 4 is insufficient, apply another coat.

Since I like to put shimmer on my tear ducts, I applied shimmer from Cosway, RM4.90 - cheap, I know, you don't need to remind me.

Finish up your look with eyeliner and mascara. If you prefer false lashes like I do, remember to curl your lashes before you put on the false lashes.

The end product should look something like this...

I know, my complexion sucks, yes, it sucks because I didn't apply concealer or foundation or blusher or anything. Who cares, right?

With this, I end my tutorial here, have fun trying!

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