Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ribena Lemon

Gah... I want Ribena now - who can bring me Ribena, I'll marry you not if you're a guy and I'll treat you an Iced Tall Caramel Macchiato is you're a girl since I cannot marry you.

Anyway, whatever it is... this look is called Ribena Lemon. I don't know why I named it Ribena Lemon but the inspiration just came from there - I mean the colour combination. Whatever it is, I've summarized everything into ONE picture - oh, I love Picasa!

If you're wondering why I only did ONE of my eyes, I was trying out another look on my other eye and I kinda forgotten to take picture of the other eye. Sotong me...

Yes, I used my 88 colour palette because it is a very useful palette.

I recreated Michelle Phan's Hippie Princess look using the same palette as well. The colour is a little different and perhaps it could be due of my lousy blending. Err... could it be the super kua zhang false eyelashes? Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. We all learn from mistakes.

If you like the colour combination, check out Michelle's channel.

Anyway, need to sign off now - have a meet-up with friends in 2 hours' time at SS2. Update tonight - have a story to tell!

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