Friday, April 24, 2009


Guys, I need motivation - not because of relationship or studies but I'm facing financial crisis right at this point of time. I really don't know where should I dig the extra cash from. These few months will be really terrible I'd say...

Let's just put aside the financial crisis thingy first because I'd like to share a self-composed so-called inspirational story. Serious. I got 18 out of 20 for this fiece of written work.

*claps hands*

I'm so damn proud of myself sometimes.

*angkat bakul*

Anyway, here goes...

"She is dying."

My mother, being a strong-willed woman all her life, finally burst into tears when the doctors told her that the life of my youngest sister was withering away.

"You should let her go. There’s nothing we can do."

All my father could do was to comfort and calm my mother’s frantic soul.

Years of growing up together, nothing could beat the excruciating pain I went through at that moment, not even the moment when we beat each other up because of a Barbie Doll. The pain was so intense every time my sister would give me a tug on my sleeve and told me, "Sis, it’s not painful at all. Please tell mummy and daddy not to cry."

I could only cry silently when I saw my sister going through chemotherapies and endless medication. My heart was in plunging pain seeing my beloved sister going through so much pain and yet, I could do nothing to ease the pain she went through every single day.

"Why? Why did You give her to me when You want to take her away?"

It was then, my family began to turn to God. My mother cried in front of the cross almost every night until she fell asleep, holding the bible and cross in her arms.

Then, came a particular night, my mother woke me up in the middle of the while, held my hands and said, "Your sister will be healed, she will be healed."

My mother told us that she was praying when she saw a light, shining her way, and she could make out a sacred figure, telling her, "Go and spread the good news of the Lord. Your daughter will be healed."

Over the period of few months, I could see my sister recovering.

The doctors could not find any cancerous cell within her. They were amazed at my sister’s recovery to this very day – a patient whom they thought could never make it to this day, survived with God’s mercy and love.

Emotionally, my mother inspired me not to give up easily while spiritually, I believed God exists and He is looking after each and everyone of us. I went back to church after that with so much hope and joy that finally my very precious sister came back to me - a healthy and jovial girl again.

For my sister, she shared this story with many others. She told me, "I live because God loves me so much that He didn't take me away from you guys and I will spread the good news of the Lord."

Now that the story ended... I can grumble already... How am I going to settle my financial crisis? I'm really so freaking worried these days...

Sometimes, I really regret to choose this path - perhaps, if I chose another path, that is to step into the working world, even though there will still be financial crisis, at least it isn't that terrible like what I'm facing now...

But yeah, I still believe in what Alice told me last time, "If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it."

Lord, have mercy on me!

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