Tuesday, March 31, 2009

There goes his tongue!

Oh, yucks!

Imagine you kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend during those French Kiss moments and all of a sudden, he or she bits your tongue off and spit it out later - glaring at you like a monster!

Oh my freaking gosh!

A woman who bit off her boyfriend's tongue during a kiss on his birthday has been jailed for three years.

Tracy Davies, 40, severed the first third of Mark Coghill's tongue in "an animal fashion" after asking him for a "smoochy kiss," Newcastle Crown Court heard.
The pair, who met through a lonely hearts column, had been celebrating Mr Coghill's 45th birthday, and had drunk two bottles of vodka before the attack.
During the three day trial, Newcastle Crown Court heard how Davies "turned into the likes of Mike Tyson" within seconds of being "lovely."
A recovering alcoholic, Davies had become upset because she wanted a baby and wasn't pregnant. When Mr Coghill comforted her, she told him she loved him and asked him to kiss her.
But she soon turned into a "massive monster," Mr Coghill told the court, biting down hard on his tongue after she lured him into putting it in her mouth. He screamed in pain and tapped her on the head in a bid to make her release him. Instead she chewed through his tongue, and spat it out on the floor.
Sentencing her, Judge John Evans said Davies had acted in an "animal fashion" and adding that Mr Coghill's injury was "truly appalling."
During the trial, Mr Coghill told the court how he tried to fight Davies off, but her teeth remained clamped to his tongue. "I couldn't kick her off, or push her away or anything like that. I was just hoping and praying she would stop," Mr Coghill told the court.
"Then when she did stop, she opened her mouth, and looked at me in such a way that I have never seen anyone do before. She opened her mouth, and my tongue was in her mouth. She let out a satisfaction sound, like if you have a cup of tea when you haven't had one for a few days. An mmmm sound."
In her defence, Davies said she had "no recollection" of attacking Mr Coghill, and she only told the police she was responsible for his injury because he had convinced her that she had done so.

If you're interested in her picture, click here.

Now, it keepts me wondering, why a person like her would have a boyfriend while I'm still single but NOT available? Ah, forget it, life isn't always great to have love around. At least I think mine sucks with all of these bullshit. I'm better off on my own - a lot better.

I forgot to share with you guys a story of brighter side of me - I did something good last Friday. I was and am happy I did something that made an old lady happy and kept on praising me, "You're the kindest soul alive!"

Ah, well, my brother said, it'll perhaps take 10 years for the kind deed to return its favour to me. I don't really mind if it comes back to me or not because I was freaking frustrated last Friday because of the incident and perhaps God is trying to tell me life is NOT all about love and stuffs.

True enough, my love life may not be colourful but then again, there are so many chances for me to contribute to the society. Thus, I'm planning to go over to perhaps to an old folks' home or orphanage to contribute something.

Anyone who wants to join me?

Wah, period eh... Can die la... how ah, how ah?

Anyway, I need to sign off to continue with my stupid-ass assignment that gives me headache and that's going to due on Thursday. I need to come up with 5000 words but up to now, I could only manage to write 500 words. This is ridiculous!

Sorry to divert you with my bimbotic pictures - I like just love to show off my new short hair even though sometimes, I think the hairtstyle makes me ugly! The pictures were taken during work this morning and pardon me for my lousy complexion.

Yours truly, signing off. Muacks!

Yours truly.

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