Monday, March 30, 2009

Kiss my blues away

I found a temporary cure that would kiss your blues away - not permanently but at least kissing your blues away for a while is better than nothing - Fruit Lassi. Don't you know sweet stuffs like chocolates can contribute additional inches to your waistline?

Aiks... I should have known this little fact myself but for the previous few days, I've been chomping down on chocolates my brother's friend bought from overseas. Darn... Now, there goes my diet!

Whatever... At last I found joy within homemade fruit lassi that will not cost a bomb but it always will cost you a bomb if you order these drinks outside.
Well, I've made Papaya Lassi yesterday and this morning, I had Mango Lassi. You can choose any other fruits or just mix the fruits together. I've few suggestions on what fruits to mix by the way.

1. Banana + Strawberry
2. Banana + Mango
3. Orange + Lime
4. Orange + Papaya
5. Pineapple + Apples
6. Green Apples + Red Apples
7. Papaya + Apples
8. Papaya + Banana

If you'd love a tinge of difference, try adding tomatoes or cucumbers into your lassi. It'd be more than just cooling that way. Personally, I love anything with papaya and apples but since I'm not a fruity, fruity person - let's just go straight to the point.
Fruits or vegetables - amount depends on your likings.
2 tbsp of low-fat natural yogurt - RM5.35 for 450gm.

1 tbsp of honey - depends if you have sweet tooth or not.

Method - Just put everything into your blender and blend away - remember adding ice cubes to make it tastes better.
Taa-daah, this was the end product of Papaya Lassi... I know it looks gross in picture but believe me, it tasted better than how it looked like then...

And by the way, yeah, I forgot to blend my ice cubes together with the drink so, that explains the three floating stuffs in the glass, alright?

Next up... This is something I've wanted for so damn long. I thought they're gonna come in pink but too bad they only have blue and white... Since I'm not a blue person although I'm feeling blue now, I chose a white one instead.

Lemme show you the process of officializing this thing! The picture below shows yours truly, trying to rip open my star product!

I know, I have swollen eyes - the picture was taken right after a good cry. Check out my expression - damn kesian and swollen. I also kesiankan myself when I saw the picture last night. Why would I take picture of me being in such a stupid state?

Alright, that's another story!
Yay, I've finally bought this convenient box from Ikea for RM19.90 and damn cheap, okay? I've been eyeing on this box ever since Alice told me about it 2 years ago or so.

Darn... I was on a really tight budget and didn't want to spend much but now, I'm so much in need to organize my piling make-up products! You'll scare yourself out of your skin if you are to see how messy my make-up products look like before having this convenient box! I kinda dumped everything in a pink bag and I always had hard time trying to locate things inside the box! Thank you, Ikea, for such a wonderful creation!

I can even put my make-up brushes into the box, that's one of the happiest buy! From now on, I don't need to turn the room upside down to find my brushes because the brushes are put together with the other make-up products!

That means, bye-bye pinkie bag... You've served me well and now, it's time to put you to rest! Rest in peace, my dearly beloved pink bag...

Anyway, I'll just let you see the organization of my make-up products in the convenient box. Even though it isn't BIG enough to occupy all the make-up products, at least three quarter of my make-up products are placed inside the box already. Well, for another one quarter, I figure out I should go and get another one.

From left to right, starting from brushes section...

Section 1 - Brushes, brushes and more brushes.
Section 2 - False lashes and adhesive lashes glue.
Section 3 - Lip glosses, lipsticks and mascaras.
Section 4 - Foundation and eyeshadows.
Section 5 - Pigments and blusher.
I'm having headache trying to figure out how to store my 88 colour palette and also eyeshadows from Britney Spears with few more liquid foundations. Headache, headache...
Alright, lemme show you something meaningful for now...

I was surfing the net a while ago and came across this picture with caption. It somewhat touches my broken-heart and all of a sudden, I wish I own a doggie. Perhaps, it could cheer me up at time like this...

Lulu is looking for her friend, a man named Ed who had recently passed away. She returned to his door looking for him several times after he died.

If only I have a doggie that's as faithful as the poodle above. How can you be not touched if you somehow know, even when you've passed away, the pet you used to love and cared for comes back, scratching at the door, trying to find its way to get to you?

Sometimes, I do have to agree that owning a pet is better than you, having to entertain your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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