Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh, la, la...

Okay, this is going to be my very first entry on few looks I've created using my Coastal Scent's 88 Colour Palette. I think I did do some swatches in my previous entry and the colours are just so pigmented and gorgeous.

Now, I'm eyeing on the Pro 120 Full Colour Palette - yes, it has 120 different colours and the colours almost come in EVERY freaking shade!

Before I'm going to set my hands on that baby, lemme just divert you for a while. I was thinking of starting a beauty blog last night but when I came to think of it, geez... I'm not even updating my food blog so often, so, if I set up a beauty blog, it'd be left practically untouched too.

Lesson of the day - concentrate on one blog only.

As most of my friends know, I'm a late bloomer in discovering the difference make-up would do to a person. I only started using proper make-up like 2 years ago and yeah, it's the influence from two of my besties, Alice and Mimi. If you ask Alice, she'll be pointing all her 10 fingers at me saying that I was the one influencing her but yeah, we influenced each other indirect and directly.

I've gotten my 88 Colour Palette not long ago but due to my busy schedule and laziness, I didn't have the time to do entries on what I could do with the palette. At the same time, blame it on my lousy make-up skills that I could never, never and never achieve a proper look. Another problem was that I didn't have any brushes to start off with and it was hard for me to put eye-shadows on my lids using only sponge or fingers.

I did try and Imma let you see the result of NOT using brushes...

~ Moody Blue Version #1 ~

~ Fresh Green Version #1 ~

I know, I know - those two pictures above look almost retarded to those pros in the make-up industry and I know, they look a little pathetic though. Haha...

Since then, I've been doing a lot of read-up and browsing through youtube to get the looks I want and yeah, I've found few videos that I love, love, love. These videos actually taught me a lot since I don't have a real-live guru to sit right in front of me and teach me.

I used 2 months or more to collect some brushes, in which, I'll do a review on them later, and to learn the art of stealing the look.

Honestly, I don't think I'm a pro yet but at least I'll show you some proofs that I'm actually improving and lately I've been practicing like mad. We'll go to that point later in the entry...

~ Moody Blue Version #2 - Smokey Eyes ~
~ Fresh Green Version #2 ~

~ Sweet Pink ~

The pictures on your LEFT would be pictures with the flash ON whereas on your RIGHT, they are all with the flash OFF. I choose not to describe on the colours I use unless there are people who are interested, then, that will be another story.

Forgive me for my bad complexion by the way. I didn't put any foundation or concealer on since I was just too lazy. My concentration would be applying eye-shadows for now.

Oh, right, talking about practicing like mad - I remember, once, sweetie pie asked, "Why did you never put on any make-up whenever we go out?"
I was at a loss of words - honest. Yeah, I've been telling him all about the make-up stuffs but all these times, he never saw my face with make-up on. How ironic of me. Haha...

At the same time, yeaps, I just wanna make full use of the palette, finish it and get myself the 120 palette!
Anyway, I need to turn in already - having a meeting tomorrow and guys, I think I can sleep peacefully tonight. I've a good news!

I'm getting married...

Yes, I'm getting married...



sherene said...

nice! The blue smokey kinda make you look like a japanese doll..haha..

Angel Valerie said...

haha... is it a Japanese doll? i thought pink would be sweet but it ended up my skin tone doesnt match well with pink... darn...