Thursday, February 19, 2009

French Manicure

What should I ramble today?

I've a lot of things in my mind actually but let's ramble about some other things besides love today. I'm honestly, getting a little tired just thinking about it. Everywhere I go, people would ask me, "Don't you think you guys are going a little too fast?"

Well... I don't want to comment on that today.

Instead, lemme show you what I did to my nails...

Okay, the boredom killed me inside out the other day when I finally decided I should paint my nails, yes, paint my fake nails and thus, doing french manicure to them...

Nice, right? With just RM10, you can get two bottles of nail enamels from Elianto and the quality isn't so bad, well, of course not being compared to brands like O.P.I. or stuffs. Well, splurging on O.P.I. isn't advisable unless you've a stable income or just buy those from Elianto, like me.

Halfway through, I kinda spilled some of the enamels on the floor and had hard time trying to remove them because I couldn't find my nail enamel remover. Am I an idiot or what, right? Sigh... I'm like that all the times, what to do?

Thus, I ended up ruining all the end products and had to remove all the fake nails from my own nails. Such a bad day for french manicure, right?

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