Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yes, that was and is how I felt and feel when a friend informed me about that the sex and money-asking maniac was at Sibu during the 3rd day of CNY.

Okay, no problem with him went all the way to Sibu because I certainly have NO freaking relation with him but that fucking son of a bitch harassed my buddies by pestering them to force me out to meet him!!!

Fucking bastard!

Buddies called and said they couldn't stand his mental torture because their mobiles would ring NON-STOP for the whole day! When they answered his call, all they got from him was to bring me out to meet him! If I were to put myself in my friends' situations, I'd be mad too!

He told my friends that we can still go out as friends and talk about stuffs.

Bastard, what are there to talk about? Sex? Asking for money? Want to live on me?

Hell, never am I going to do that! You want sex, go and seek it from a prostitute and I pray that you'll die in agony from AIDS! You want money, right? Okay, go and rob a rich person and I pray that you'll be shot dead by the security! You want to live on a girl? Sure, no problem, sell yourself off as a gigolo to an older woman who's rich and I'll pray you'll be dead being stabbed by the lady.

Yes, I am mad right now even just thinking about it but I can't deny that at the same time, I'm feeling a little scared if he would just appear right in front of my house. I hate the fact that he told my friends that he promised me last year that he'd come for CNY this year and he actually made it to Sibu.

As usual, I wish he's gruesomely dead so that he wouldn't be able to harass me or my friends!

Whatever he did, I wasn't and am NOT impressed at all. I don't appreciate it too, so he doesn't need to do whatever he could to impress me at all. Buddies were pissed to the point that they had to put their phones in silent mode whole day and sometimes, hung his calls.

Is he fuckingly stupid or what?

He'd better not be pushing me or my friends to our limits - I'd really lodge a police report for harassment, be it sexual or not! My life just feels so threatened with a fucking idiot around!

The thought of him telling my buddies that he couldn't get over the past makes me wanna puke!

I admit, I don't normally use taboo words or swears but when it comes to him, I can't restrain myself from using all those bad words - he doesn't deserve to be respected. Even if he freaking goes to my friends and told them he's a changed person now, I wouldn't buy it too.

How are you going to make black spots on a dalmation to go away?

Are you going to bleach your dalmation? If you do, you'd kill the cute dalmation even before the spots could be removed!

Are you going to make your dalmation bald? If you do, you're the stupidest person alive!

The moral of the day is - once your dalmation is born with black spots, the spots aren't going to go anywhere it's lifetime. That means, the idiot and his stupid personalities and attitudes are ain't going to change!

At this rate - I wish him dead.

It's only the 8th day of CNY and I'm cursing a mother-fucking bastard kao kao. No, I don't feel good about cursing people, especially during CNY but he made it to the point that I have to curse him!

I shall now refrain myself from telling people about this story not until CNY is over in another one week! Then, I shall curse and swear him anytime and anywhere I want to!

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