Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's over...

Friends and I were having our casual girl-chat the other day when one of them popped out a questions, "How will one know when a relationship is over?"

Suddenly, a statement made by YT popped into my head. YT said, "Damn admire your patience le, kakak. If a guy asks me for MY money, I'm going to dump that dickhead straight away."

Thanks, YT, I'll accept that as a compliment. Yes, my patience limit is freaking admirable - honestly, but it is dependent on situations and circumstances as well.

The talk on the issue left my blood boiling to the maximum when I was reminded of the dickhead cum asshole cum bastard cum idiot ex of mine. MCB, whenever the thought of it arises, it bothers me a lot - I hate him, I despise him, I abhor him...

I hate him that I pray he will NEVER EVER have a good life ahead!

I hate him more than that, yes - more than that!

I hate him that I want his skin to be peeled off and that he'll be in deep pain that soon, his wound would be covered with maggots, digging deep into his skin! Thus, this will make him so rotten. Perhaps some of you will ask, "Why bother because he's already so rotten?"

The reason is that I hate him that I want him to be tortured in hell - forever!

You can point your finger at me now and say, "Darn, Angel is one cold-blooded, cruel girl!" Okay, say whatever you want because I don't really care.

A futile, useless, idiotic dickhead like him should rot in hell.

Yes, I hate him so much to the point that whenever the thought of him arises, it makes me wanna puke. I feel like puking now...

If you guys haven't come across this issue in my previous deleted blog site, this is your unlucky day because I'm going to do so once again.

Oh, right, regarding the question on why I deleted my previous blog site - yes, thanks to this stupid busybody friend, Mr. Lee, who loves to show-off his stupid discoveries that I needed to do so in order to protect my friends over something they had never done. MCB, Mr. Lee thought he was so lihai that he printed the my whole blog site regarding the entry I wrote on why I wanted to break with with his stupid son of a bitch's friend, Mr. H. Then, what he did was to duplicate the entry and distributed the photocopied versions to his whole faculty - announcing I was a bitch.

Okay, I was a bitch, lemme tell you what bitchy things I've done and what MCB things he n Mr. H have done that caused me to write an entry on that issue - then, it will be up to you to decide if I was a bitch or not.

Previously, I didn't even put names in my entry and I didn't even mention about Mr. Lee and now, I'm going to be a real BITCH and bitch about what Mr. Lee did that made my life a living hell for a month or so.

There were several reasons why I broke up with Mr. H and I'm going to tell you the story all over the again. This time, I don't even care if that idiot Mr. Lee is going to print and show it to his whole faculty again. If so, I should thank him for increasing my blog traffic like before. For once, I pity his girlfriend.

I'm not going to give face to Mr. Lee today lor because I don't have a friend like that. I'll include every detail that I should have included in this entry and if this entry gets around to him, good - and he can do free publicity for me like before and make my blog famous. For once again, I'd like to make it clear, especially to Mr. Lee that...

If you have bad command of English and you can't fucking understand what I'm writing about, don't pretend like you're a smart-ass and you understand every single thing I write.

The thing I hate most is that when some people with lousy command of English that includes grammar, sentence structure and limited vocabulary exposure, trying to convey your messages to others in a WRONG way.

I fucking hate that and to tell my fellow friends and readers, I'm not trying to emphasize how glorious or bombastic my English is as I never think my English is immaculate but at least one fact I'm sure of, MY ENGLISH IS BETTER HIM, that's why I'M WRITING, HE'S READING and TRYING TO DECIPHER THE CONTENT OF MY ENTRY. Worst of all, he used to decipher it wrongly that made himself sounded like a fucking clown farting.

In which, when I come to think of it now, it's fucking hilarious that he was so stupid. Yes, I'm so happy that he's so fucking stupid to NOT be able to decipher the content of my entry and in the end, he made no sense out of it. Fancy telling me how immaculate his English is and trying to show off his spoken skills - it sucks. I speak better English than him.

Reason #1 - Mr. H asked money from me on the 12th day we got together. Yes, people, this futile person was trying to get me to give him cash because according to him, "Your money is my money, my money is your money."
Well, hello, idiot, who told you "your money is my money and my money is your money?" Who is the stupid person behind this thought? Lemme tell you why Mr. H said that. From a source, I got to know that Mr. Lee borrowed RM1000++ from his girlfriend and he NEVER returned the money to his girlfriend, instead, telling everyone he wasn't oblige to do so because his girlfriend will marry him in the end and that will make his girlfriend his wife. When the girlfriend becomes his wife, money doesn't matter anymore

Mr. H first asked for RM200 from me. Well, when it comes to money, I've to admit, I don't simply give or lend MY money to anyone without valid reasons. I didn't give him MY money since he couldn't give me an answer but one week later, he said he needed RM400 urgently. According to Mr. H, he needed to pay the amount back to his friends since he borrowed the money from some friends last time.

The conversation was like this..
Me: You should dig out your own savings or borrow from your parents since it makes no difference if you're getting money from me as you still need to pay back.
H: It's different. Borrowing money from you is different, you're my girlfriend and your money is my money and my money would be your money because one day, we'll get married and then, you'll be my wife. Then, I don't need to pay you back also like what Mr. Lee did to his girlfriend.
Me: Why do you want to get the money from me when you know you'll still be owing people money after you pay your friends?H: I don't want to burden my parents and as a guy, I shouldn't get money from my parents since I'm already 23.
MCB, Mr. Lee actually taught him that and he thought it was for real that I would be someone like Mr. Lee's girlfriend who unconditionally lent RM1000++ to Mr. Lee? No, buddy, I'm not that stupid, okay?


Reason #2 - Mr. H kept on comparing me to a bestie of mine in which I do have to agree that this bestie of mine looks so innocently beautiful and mesmerizing. In this case, this bestie of mine is a beauty with brain.
It was damn annoying when he kept on comparing me to my bestie - yes, DAMN ANNOYING to the point that I felt like he was trying to make my life miserable with his every statement like...

"She's more beautiful than you."
"She's more ladylike than you."
"She's more talented than you."
"She owns a great body."

It was annoying if you were to put yourself in my shoes. He made it to the extent of trying to get my bestie's number from me with the lamest and stupidest reason of all, "In case anything happens to you, I can call her."

MCB, KNS, TMD, nabeh - call my ex-roomie better, okay?

Reason #3 - Mr. H was humiliating me in front of my friends as well as his friends by saying a lot of things that hurt my ego.
First thing first, not guys own egos, okay? Girls have their own egos too and their egos are different from guys' - remember that!

Mr. H said, "I'm not humiliating you... I'm just trying to crack a joke."

Then, you should stick the joke up in your ass, you asshole! This is because your jokes aren't funny and I fucking hate them.

He said...

"Angel is fat."
"Angel got a lot of fat."
"Don't you think my girlfriend is fat?"

To hell with that. If he said that when we were alone, I could still forget it but he was making those statements in front of friends as well as strangers and you guys know what? Even strangers were laughing at me because my boyfriend said I was fat. It was so humiliating.

Reason #4 - Mr. H asked sex from me. Okay, I'm a very conservative girl and I hated it so much when he raised the question about sex. He kept on pestering me for sex with the stupidest reason, "You'll marry me eventually, why not just give your virginity to me now?"

Go and fuck yourself! If you can't fuck yourself, go fuck any trans from Chow Kit or Geyland and get yourself HIV or AIDS and DIE!

He asked for sex the first week we got together! Lucky I wasn't so goddamn stupid to give in to him. Sometimes, I do wonder if all virgin guys crave for sex. I fucking hate the idea, okay? Few days after we broke up, you guys know what? I began to hear rumours that we had sex. That son of a bitch went spread around we had sex?!

That issued disturbed me a lot because it got to my brother and my brother was furious about it that he confronted me. He was shouting and yelling at me even before I could explain stuffs to him.

Come to think of it now, since he spread rumours that we had sex, I should spread rumours that his BUDDY couldn't get erect that he's infertile and the BUDDY's so tiny that you have to use enlarging lenses to see it.


Fucking funny lor.

Reason #5 - Mr. H is one idiot that totally wanted to rely on my parents as he thought my dad is filthy rich!
Correct me if I'm wrong, people. We were having this topic on future plans...

Me: I will need to get myself a car and I'm not going to share it with you because as a guy I think you should have one car on your own.
H: Why should I when we can use yours after you've bought it? Waste of money!
Me: For me car is a necessity.
H: Hey, your dad has 3 cars now, right? Since your brother is also buying one soon, maybe you should tell your dad to give one of his cars to me, so I don't need to buy one.

He wanted my dad to give him one of my dad's cars? MCB... He thought my dad is Swiss Bank and that I'm a princess from Swiss that he could ask money and cars from whenever he wanted to. If I'm a princess, I won't even get to know an asshole like him.

Reason #6 - Mr. H went around telling people that whenever we go out, he was the one paying the bills that I always ate for free even though both of us were students.

WALAO EH! Since when did I ask him to pay for me? NEVER! Lemme emphasize that again for you guys...


I was the stupid one who paid most of the bills! He NEVER offered to pay and yet he spread false rumours that I lived on his PTPTN loan? Excuse me, mister... I think I've gotten more PTPTN loan than you lor and who was living on who? Since you told everyone my dad is filthy rich, did I need to depend and live on you peanuts of PTPTN loan?

C'mon, you never use your brain, is it? Oh, I forgot, it's so fucking hilarious to remind myself now that your brain was full of pornography because all you want was sex, sex and more sex.

I've to admit one fact - my family's economical background is far better than his, so, who was living on who, you tell me! I had more than enough to spend every semester and why should I be living on you when it's crystal clear that there was an economical gap between us?

We went for movie, he never paid for me...
We went for dinner, he never paid for me...
We went for outing, he never offered to buy me anything until I prompted him...

When I did ask for something, for example a T-shirt, the answer he gave me was, "I have an unisex Giordano's L size T-shirt and it's too big for me since you're of bigger size, I can give it to you even though I've worn it few times - no need to buy la."

Well, hello, a filthy rich person like me don't wear something that has been worn by others, okay? And hello, stupid, for Giordano's unisex T-shirt, I wear a size XS and not L, okay? MCB, he was trying to kill my ego.


Reason #7 - The first time we hugged, it didn't happen romantically, it was more or less he was trying to force a hug out of me and the statement he made when he wanted the hug was, "I want to feel your breasts on me."
A motherfucker he was, that is all I could say. He forced the hug! Even if he wanted to feel my breasts on him, he should just kept it to himself instead of saying it out - stupidly moronic. What else could I say about his stupidity?

The thought of the first hug kept on bothering me a lot because of the way he expressed it. I hate him so much I want him to disappear from the surface of the Earth to Mars so that he could figure out how to be a better man.

Reason #8 - Mr. H was telling few of his friends, "I don't need to worry about my thesis any longer. My girlfriend will do it for me because her English is better than mine so, I'm going to get a good grade for my thesis for sure."
Oh... darling, so sorry I didn't help but instead, I caused you enough trouble that you almost couldn't graduate since you THOUGHT I would do it for you. So sorry arr, darling... I was quietly wishing you couldn't graduate though but who knows you'd pull through - oh, I'm so proud you did it without my help.

Yes, he almost couldn't graduate because he left his thesis there and thought that I would help him to do part of it, plus doing the proof-read for him. Ouch, I didn't even help my besties, how would he expect me to help him?

Bodoh betul. Sememangnya terbodoh in the whole universe.

Reason #9 - Mr. H was physically abusive. It would have been alright if he pinched me softly on my cheeks but the way he pinched me always left my cheeks swollen n red that I did tell him to stop it because I didn't like it at all and it hurt.
Yes, believe it, you guys - I did tell him to stop it but he never did. He kept on pinching my cheeks so hard that it always hurt me in the end. When I told him few times to stop it, his stupid reason was, "I where got pinch so hard? So soft only that I could barely feel a thing! You're so big-sized, so I don't think it would hurt much."

Idiot! Big-size wouldn't hurt, is it? Then, lemme suggest to you, people like you, better die earlier because you know what? It'll make Earth a peaceful place. People like you SHOULD die earlier too because you're too "thin" that I think dying wouldn't hurt for you.

There... reason number 9 wraps up all the reasons that made me a bitch to have broken up with him and guess what, guys?


Honestly, the pain he inflicted on me made me scared of going through relationships now. I used to look forward to relationships but now, I have no plan on getting attached for God knows how long - maybe forever. There's a scar in my being thanks to that son of a bitch and the scar would be there forever.

No, I'm NOT going to get into next relationship ever, ever, ever again.

Sorry for breaking all these out all of a sudden, something happened a while back that triggered me to write this entry.


clement said...

*scratches head*... err.... wtf!

Simpleton said...

I'll be posting up a post to help alleviate your pain a little? :)

VO Faith

Angel Valerie said...

clement, those were the WORST moments in my whole life! wish i never known him.

bernard twin brother, how are u going to do that?