Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008, hello 2009!

Indeed, 2008 has been a long year. Looking back, I've to admit that a lot of things - be it happy or unhappy, have taken place. Honestly, I hate the first 6 months of 2008 because of some incidences that only few close friends know. As for the remaining 6 months, life has been great for me.

Lemme just refresh myself and also people out there what I've done throughout 2008.

1. Met a son of a bitch and hate him ever since - wish he would die, being ran over by a lorry!

2. Went to GACC 2008 at Malacca with Alice, Sandy, Amy and a lot others and took a picture with a heartthrob there!

3. Had the WORST birthday EVER!

4. Shutted down my old blog and re-created another blog, here, with the support of a lot of friends. Me love you guys so much!

5. Met Rynn Lin or better known as Lin Yu Zhong at Midvalley.

6. Went to the coolest club ever at Three Kingdom, Mont Kiara, for news coverage.

7. Wore my first ever cosmetic lens from Fresh Kon.

8. Splurged on Biotherm products - spent RM434. Darn!

9. Acquired some photoshop skills.

10. Found a best friend in Sheau Hui and not forgetting her wonderful family members!

11. Learned how to stalk Alwin from Bernard.

12. Bought my first ever dress from Forever 21.

13 Gotten my first Guess, genuine, purse.

14. Being officially employed by Berjaya Group and work for Starbucks.

15. Of course, graduated after three years of doing my degree.

16. Being accepted to do Masters.

17. Wished I could be a little more than just honest with somebody and I'm still wishing.

18. Slimmed down, gained weight, slimmed down, gained weight and I guess this will go on and on and on for God knows how long.

19. Done my first online shopping with Gosh Boutique and it was for my sister's Christmas gift.

20. Stayed and staying in a so-called haunted house.

There, altogether 20 my so-called achievements. Muahaha... I know some of them are NOT even close to achievements but never mind, I'm trying to achieve more in 2009. I've another NEW wishlist for new year. Even though I know some of them are not achievable, still, I want to put them in my wishlist.

1. Yes, my mind is all about losing weight - I wanna lose 20kgs, if possible make it 30kgs, I don't mind losing more.

2. Upgrade my CGPA.

3. Master the art of make-up.

4. To get a car on my own.

5. To set up a mini business by the end of 2009.

6. To keep a hairstyle that suits me and my beautiful face. I know, I know, I'm such a bimbo these days and it gets worse by day.

7. To get a DLSR if possible or if there's anyone who wants to buy one for me, I'll thank and love you forever!

8. To earn myself a ticket to Japan because I really, really want to meet somebody there.

9. To be able to talk things out properly with my brother because we've been arguing and quarreling like mad these 2 weeks and I'm suffering from the aftermath of it.

10. Lastly... although I did mention about NOT getting involve in relationship any longer, still, I pray that God will send to me my Mr. Right.

Okay, that would be all wishes in my 2009 wishlist. I'm not so greedy, right? Just 10 wishes in a wishlist. Well, if I have more than that, of course I'll update again. Anyway, I need to get my butt out of the house because I'm so freaking hungry!

So, for once again...

Happy 2009 New Year!

For all of you out there, if 2008 hasn't been a fruitful or good year, don't dwell, instead aim to do better in 2009 so that there'd be no more same regrets in 2010. Finally... do have a prosperous, blessed and wonderful year ahead!

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