Monday, January 5, 2009


For the whole of my life, I've never been able to make my dad proud of me - in fact, to mum as well. The only thing that I've ever brought to them was trouble and MORE trouble - with my never-ending complains and grumbles.

Dad, on the other hand, never gives up faith in me - he believed and believes in everything I did and do. That includes my decision of taking another step further to do my Masters. He told me, "I know you'll be able to do it because I trust in you."

In fact, in almost every decision I've made, dad never doubted me and honestly, I'm really the happiest and luckiest soul on Earth to be the daughter to the world's greatest dad who has done so much just to provide the best for all of us.

As much as I want to do the same to him, at this point of time, all of a sudden, I feel so futile... I couldn't even be with dad the moment he needs me and my brother the most. Dad is sick and he's in the hospital. I just wish I could fly back although I know there is not much I could do. I just want to be there for him and that's all.

My mind is all in a mess right now - I don't know what to feel or anything. I just feel so lost... Please pray for dad's recovery, people...


Princess said...

Dun be sad angel, be strong and dun forget miracle may happen like it had happened to your sis. *Hugs*

Alice said...

hey what happened to ur dad??
sure hope he's okay

Angel Valerie said...

im okay, guys... things are patching up now. thanks a lot for caring!