Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sakae Sushi

For all Japanese food fan, here I am today, blogging about Sakae Sushi. Yeaps, you did not read wrongly, this is an entry on the infamous Sakae Sushi!

On the whole, I've ONLY been to Sakae Sushi twice and all I can comment on the food there is that, it's not so bad but at the outlet I've been to, the service kinda sucks because there were a lot of people there!

Comparing Sakae Sushi to Sushi King, I'd say Sakae Sushi is basically more high-tech. Well, you can make your orders using the computers available at each seat. How cool is that? At the same time, you can keep on refilling your drinks, as in Green Tea ONLY, at your seat. You don't need to motion for the waiters or waitresses to do that for you.

The thing about Sakae Sushi is that the price for each cup of green tea is priced at RM2 while at Sushi King, green tea is FREE OF CHARGE. Well, free stuffs are always better than those that you need to pay, right?

Lemme show you some of the dishes we ordered via the computer at our seat! Haha... We actually enjoyed clicking away, ordering, using the computer!

Well, there are other stuffs that we didn't order. If you're interested, you can always check out their website before going to their outlets!

But the thing I don't like is that they don't provide my favourite sweet sauce like Sushi King does. They just don't. If you want the sweet sauce, you need to ask for it. Even if you ask for it, ONLY a small portion will be given to you upon request.

On the whole, my rate would be...

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