Sunday, December 21, 2008

Early Christmas shopping...

I can't believe that I've been depriving myself from the joy of shopping since I started working. So... yesterday, I went to Forever 21 with few friends and girls, I love, love, love all the clothes at Forever 21 now!

Yeaps, the clothes there are slightly more expensive than those you can find at Sg. Wang or Times Square or anywhere because these clothes are imported from The States. Well, cool, right? I especially love the dresses there.

Lemme show you few dresses and tops I've tried but mind you, some dresses look nice but they'll make you look fatter, shorter or anything...

Code #1 - RM119.

This is another dress that I *heart* a lot... Yes, it's body-hugging alright but it feels super comfortable. Haha... I thought of getting this piece but I ended up not buying this one because it's kinda pricey for just a piece of dress.

It's a versatile dress - you can wear it to work too. If you're interested, check it out from Forever 21's website or just visit their store at 1 Utama.

Code #2 - RM89.

Another satin smooth top... I like this top because it goes well with both skirt and jeans. Best of all, I love satin! Sorry for the flash - but the concentration is NOT on my face, but on the top!

You can choose to bare your sexy shoulders with this top and yeah, it comes in free size! Imma thinking of going back to 1 Utama to get this piece... OMG...

Code #3 - RM59.


*clears throat*

I bought this piece because everyone said it suits me. Please say it suits me because if you don't, Imma going to poke you with my fork!

Well, I love this piece, comfortable and affordable. Where can you find such a deal, right?

Since we were all rushing, I'll go back to Forever 21 again, sometime soon - this weekend perhaps. If anyone is going there, gimme a ring, I might be tagging along!

Last but not least, these two pictures are for my daddy! He's been wanting to see me in my Starbucks' uniforms! Here, here...

Sorry for my posey-posey face because these pictures were taken early in the morning, after I've just washed my beautiful face.

I like my shorter hair in the above two pictures and the red shirt is Starbucks' Christmas shirt. Me love, love, love!


Alice said...

hey kulus liao~~~

Happy not?

i say u kulus worrrr

Now where's my christmas pressie?? hahahhahaa

But really la the first and third black dress look pretty on u.

And really la, you kurus liao~~


Angel Valerie said...

kulus head la, kakak... we measure kulur or gemok by weight eh... adoi... pictures can be deceiving although i didnt edit it.

aih, so saddening la these days...