Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Cheery Christmas

What should I say?

Yeah, it's Christmas - instead of hanging out with friends at gatherings, here I am, staying at home, yes alone! This year's Christmas is freaking sad lor... Previous years, Christmas has always been celebrated with family.

But comparing to those celebrating Christmas alone, I should be really grateful that Alice, Jeff and Lydia were there to celebrate this day with me. Thank you for making this Christmas better than what I've expected, guys! Pictures will be up soon, I promise!

Don't worry, I'm not here to spoil your Christmas mood. As promised, Imma going to share with you all some pictures taken during the Starbucks' Cheer Party last Friday. Yes, we did have an unexpected guest but I'll leave that out until the end of the entry.

Since Santa Bam was too busy distributing candies, lollipops and chocolates to everyone, I hastily dragged him over to take a picture with us. Of course I wanted a picture with Santa, it was Christmas, alright? Haha... Too bad Santa Rina wasn't around because she went to the washroom - I think.

~ I can't remember his name, Tajul, Amat, Bee, yours truly, Santa Bam & Ras ~

It was then, the madness began when these people began to camwhore away with my camera in every possible pose! You have to believe me that these bunch of people are really fun to be with because they have the craziest idea of all for fun!

Amat was giving free coffee to everyone and before he started to do so, he kept on gesturing me to take a picture of him, trying to steal the thing he was carrying. Tajul on the other hand, saw I was taking a picture of Amat, quickly ran into the store to get a paper cup to pose with Amat.

Haha... Click on the picture if you can't see it clearly but don't say I didn't warn you earlier though. Haha... That was a case of wanting to be angel and Santa so much that Ras became Angel Claus!

Okay, since I'm going to end this entry soon - lemme present to you, our mysterious guest of the day - Bernard. Haha... No? Not mysterious? Haha...

Well, not so mysterious but unexpected! Bernard, if you happen to read this, thanks for showing up and yeah, I know you didn't get to eat the nice food and I didn't either but still, it was great to have you there!

Merry Christmas everybody!

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