Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Now, let's see... why partners and not colleagues? Well... First of all, in Starbucks, everyone is known as partner to everyone. The term 'colleague' is not used there.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm looking forward to go to work everyday. No, I don't love my current job but I don't hate it either. Friends at workplace are really, really great and you guys know what? The partners at my workplace all have funny but interesting names like Bee, Asmara, Hairi, Amat, Manja and so on...

How not to smile even when thinking of them?

Haha... I love Asmaraing. Haha... Yeaps, her name is Asmara and don't you think the name is just so cute? Even the person behind the name is cute, friendly, funny and patient too!

Hairi, Hairi so hairy... Hahaha... Okay, that was a joke. Hairy is not hairy la but don't you think the phrase rhymes? This guy is yet another so funny. Whenever you see him, he'll smile and smile at you like mad. He is NOT mad definitely but he's just somebody who always smiles. Today, I spilled some milk on him but instead of yelling at me, he was laughing it off at my silly carelessness.

Amat, terAmat kiut... Yes, he's Amat Cute. A petite guy that kept on going on and on, "Ya, saya memang 55kg saja." LOL... I was telling him that he looks like he only weighs 40kg. Rupa tak macam 55kg at all. He's my sifu and thought me a lot of things since my first day there.

I only got to know these three partners better than the others because I don't have the chance to get to talk to others since most of them didn't work last week and I was having 4 days off since last week.

All in all... these partners of mine are really GREAT people that makes me enjoy working even though everything seems hard at the starting point where I need to do a lot of memorization of recipes and all - pray for me, peeps!

I'm so happy today... You guys know what? A customer came in when there were only Manja and I around the register. He talked to me a bit and told me, "You've got a really lovely smile."

I was jumping with joy - okay, metaphorically jumping with joy. At Starbucks, we are reminded to smile and greet every customer, so, even though when we are tired, it's in top of our list that we SHOULD smile at them.

LOL... I didn't realize I've got a lovely smile. Haha... Muahaha... Hehe... Buahaha...

*knocks head against the wall*

Haha... I'm still happy, at least it makes my day.

Bernard, get in touch with me, faster! My schedule is out already! You never reply my SMS, so, I need to make an announcement here since I know you'll drop by from time to time!

Actually, I should just ramble about other things besides work but then my life ONLY revolves around my workplace for now. Haha... Okay, blog about other things soon - I mean REAL soon, as soon as I get my ass down here for once again since I'll be working until Sunday.

Meanwhile, I'll be squeezing my brain juice on how to memorize all the recipes - next time, Imma going to open another 5-star bistro and make hell lot of money.



Princess said...

I want coffee kakak!!

Angel Valerie said...

u want? come work at Starbucks with me! its really fun!