Saturday, November 8, 2008

You've got a mail!

Yeah, I'm happy, happy, happy and happy!

Woohoo, I've got NOT ONE but SEVERAL mails yesterday until this morning!

Lemme start with a silly thought of mine - you'll never grow up until the day you make your first purchase ONLINE. Yeah, baby, I'm a grown-up already! Come, come, let lao niang shows you the packages that got here since yesterday...

~ Package from Gosh! ~

~ Package from Trendy Confessions ~

~ Package from Blush Berry ~

Another mail is coming next week and I'm so damn excited about it... Will do a review about it next week perhaps after I've gotten the package, okie, okie? It's going to be such a wonderful and lovely dress that my man said I totally went against him to get the dress. Haha.

First of all, the package from Gosh! Oh, my gosh! This dress is just so pretty, can?

Above is the picture I posted in one of my previous entries and now, behold, people, the thing inside the package...

Isn't it gorgeous? Shuddap and agree with me that it's gorgeous or else Imma going to poke you with a fork!

Secondly, package from Trendy Confessions... I went to their website a week ago and kinda set my eyes on these wonderful tops that could be wore as dresses as well... OMG... all I could think of was, "I need to get my hands on those!"

And the happiest thing that could ever happen in a shopaholic life is seeing the big word "SALE" everywhere! OMG... They slashed the original price of RM58 to RM48!!!

How can you not love these gorgeous tops? OMG... I totally love these tops so, I bought two instead of one - one for stupid sister and another one for myself.

Yes, each of the top comes with free belt, my gosh! I even a discount from them!

I know it doesn't look nice because I didn't fit it to a mannequin - no mannequin, how to make it look nicer? Fit it on me? No! Imma not going to let you see me wearing it until the time comes!

Darn... I hate those people with long hair because since I was a kid, I always loved long hair, the longer, the better - like Rapunzel's... Gosh, my hair would never grow below my waist and I hate my short hair. So... the remedy is to - go for hair extension but you see, hair extension is fucking expensive, can?

So, I resorted to...

Yay, clip-on hair extension!!!

I got these from Blush Berry and believe me, these are so natural that when you're wearing them, they look like they are your natural hair! If you're interested, check them out because Blush Berry did a video on it here.

Oh, you can check out the price there too! Blush Berry offers free tutorials and also their pigment set is gorgeous!

I super duper *heart* you, Blush Berry, for making my hair grow below my waist now!

That would be all about my online purchases and now, Imma going to present to you my first ever purchase of something my mum used to say, "Those are scary!"

I was at Section 14 yesterday and while waiting for Grace, I kinda saw this promotion, "Contact lens at RM39.90. per pair."
So, I went into the optometric and asked about the promotion and guess what the optometrist told me, "Yes, coloured contact lenses sold at RM39.90 until the stock clears out, best of all - from FreshKon!"

I did an entry on "The Story of My Eyes" few weeks back and that was my first time trying on Alluring Eyes and I kinda love the effect it gave so, this time around, I want to try cosmetic lenses!

I went to Freshlook's website and kinda tried out different coloured lenses and guess what? I love, love, love grey!!! Misty and sexy! Shuddap, I know I'm not sexy, so, shuddap!

Hence, at the end of the day, I bought 2 pairs of coloured lenses from Freshkon and another 2 from Freshlook. Geez... I think I'm nuts! Friends thought I was wearing lenses last night when we went out and kept on trying to check out my eyes' colour - see, I'm nuts!

I've gotten grey and hippie chestnut from Freshkon and at the same time... I bought grey again and green from Freshlook...

My goodness! Haha... Angel is such an idiot! Yes, I'm an idiot to buy so many pairs of lenses that could last me until the end of next year!

Anyway, that'd be all for now, folks... I'll do an update on the previous entry tomorrow, I guess... Me is hungry now!


sherene said...

omg u shopaholic queen!! haha.. I rmbr thr is nvr a chance for me to go home empty handed if i were to go "window-shopping" with you :P

Angel Valerie said...

omg... im a shopaholic queen! haha... eh, sherene, we're kinda from the same group of homo-sapien with shopaholic gene. haha... but online shopping is fun in a way too!