Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The story of my eyes...

Damn sien right now... Yes, I've a lot of things to do but I don't know how to do them let alone how to start them. Being me sucks sometimes. That is why you see me here, updating my blog again!

I swear, yes, I swear I have no plan on updating so soon because I've been updating it so often lately. I used to tell myself I'll only do weekly updating but nowadays, I'm kinda in for daily updating - argh, so, it sucks to be me.

Never mind, lemme tell you the story of my eyes...

I'm stuck to my glasses since Primary 6. Back at those times, it felt so good to be wearing glasses because not everyone wore glasses then. Haha... Well, yeah, I was so naive during the good old days.

Although I came to know the existence of contact lenses during my high school years, I never had the courage to wear it. The thought of putting the plastic into my eyes was gross... Plus, I thought using glasses is more convenient than using contact lenses.

~ See, ma, no lenses! ~

~ Ma, I told you I'm so guai - no lenses! ~

So, when I was 16, I finally found it a nuisance to be wearing glasses for daily activities that in the end, I turned to contact lenses for help. Yes, although I started wearing lenses at 16, however, I was not a regular user - I only used it when there were occasions or stuffs. Thus, I began to use clear contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb, switching to Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue, Soflens and finally ended up using the BEST brand of all - Biomedics lenses.

I tell you, these lenses are one of the best lenses available in the market! OMG, I totally love them - wearing them is so comfortable.

~ Ma, I'm using lenses finally ~

~ After two years of using Biomedics lenses - super comfy! ~

OMG... Finally I was exposed to colour contact lenses in the beginning of 2005. I so much wanted to try the colour lenses but my parents were skeptical about me using lenses so, when it comes to colour lenses, their natural reaction is, "You wanna be an ang moh, is it?"

TMD - these colour lenses are so nice, okay? I love multi-coloured lenses as much as you do! I went to SY's place during CNY two years ago and believe it or not, her dad, in his 50's, was wearing deep blue coloured lenses!


So, I went back home and convinced my parents about it but still, they said, "No colour lenses for you."

Since, I'm a good daughter, I seldom, yes, seldom go against them but when Freshkon launched their newest product - Alluring Eyes, I was so sure I needed to get a pair of those.

I knew these lenses could transform my eyes - from ugly to beautiful so that I can easily kao zai with my beautiful eyes. The advertisement seemed so convincing.

~ Ma, you see, I'm in seventh heaven when I got to know Alluring Eyes ~

Hence, I went around KL, searching high and low, trying to get the cheapest pair of Alluring Eyes from Freshkon. TMD... The price of monthly disposable Alluring Eyes costs around RM55 to RM70. Yes, you didn't read wrongly - RM70 MONTHLY.

I called my sister back at Sibu and asked her to inquire about the price and she told me, "It's cheaper here, RM45 monthly."

OMG, that is damn cheap can? Dirt cheap. No, it's not cetak rompak ones and it's originally from Freshkon, okay? My Biomedics lenses cost RM45 for 3 months at Sibu while in KL, it is priced at RM80 for 3 months. If I'm doing sales on lenses, guarantee can make a lot of money in KL.

My sister was kind enough to buy me a pair of 3-monthly disposable Alluring Eyes contact lenses at the price of RM60 and brought it over to KL for me. Can you believe it? RM60 for 3-monthly disposable contact lenses? OMG - freaking cheap!

If you guys don't know, there are two colours available for Alluring Eyes - mystical black and winsome brown. Since I'm a black colour lover, I opted for mystical black...

~ Ma, I can have big, beautiful and alluring eyes now ~

I am so happy can? Lao niang has never been happier before with my purchase because you know why? My eyes are obviously bigger, brighter, darker and alluring after putting on the lenses... I totally *heart* Freshkon now...

~ O hai... my beautiful right eye with Alluring Eyes in mystical Black ~

I know you want to see my beautiful face after wearing the lenses, right, right? Haha... Behold, here comes the big picture of yours truly with Alluring Eyes in mystical black...

Please say I look beautiful, please, pretty please... Haha... I bet my eyes look a lot bigger and brighter in the picture, right?

So, quickly go buy Alluring Eyes by Freshkon if you're interested. No, this is not an advertorial and I don't get paid for promoting their lenses. I don't do promotion and I only wear these lenses for cosmetic purposes.

What? You want to see comparison of before and after wearing Alluring Eyes? Are you sure? You'll be scared out of your wits, I tell you!


Nah, here it is...

Pardon my lousy skin condition because I don't put make-up nowadays due to skin problems. So, bear with it, okay?

Damon said not much difference actually and his thought was seconded by my sister and daddy. All of them said I've already have BIG eyes - as in my pupils are definitely bigger than anyone else's pupils.

Honestly, I can't see much difference too except for the fine black circles that make my pupils seem rounder and fuller - still, I *heart* Freshkon for coming out with this product.

My next wishlist is to get this one...

Not necessarily Freshkon, it can be from other brands too with the promise it can deliver mystical grey coloured effect to my eyes.

Any suggestions?


clement said...

eyes sore after that usually, you doing a ads isit? ha ha

Alice said...

hey hey kakak~ u are reading my mind isit? I want to get a pair of coloured lenses toO~~ influenced by one of my colleagues. Damn pretty! Cant take my eyes off hers when i saw her for the first time. i wanna try blue but scared ppl will point finger at me saying me imitating the blondes.. >.> but also like green, and and brown... argh~ which one!!! I will get em~ deciding the colours only.. HELP~~~

Angel Valerie said...

clement, no eh... i rarely have eyes sore after wearing lenses. perhaps those lenses suit me or it must be that my lense-cleansing routines are expertly good. haha.

no, no, not ad - just to share. haha.

alice, oi, kakak, now baru u know the miracle these cosmetic lenses can do le... haha... the other day when i passed by Tesco, i saw those cosmetic promotion RM80 for 2 pairs. the lenses are from Fresh Look instead of Freshkon. u can check it out but honestly, i think grey n brown are most natural.

my friend's dad wore blue n the blue was a little extreme. call me, i'll give u free lenses consultation. haha!

LydiaKong said...

not bad worr. but i still dun have the courage to wear it. after i saw my ex roomate's contact lense move till back of the eye really freaks me out. no wayyy. though my degree is very low now.