Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kinnaree @ Jaya One, PJ

Gosh, it feels like forever since I last updated this food blog of mine... Yeah, I haven't been food-hunting for so long since the parents went back to Sibu... Well, that's one of the reasons and other reasons would be I'm on diet, which is a lame reason and at the same time, no money to spend on good food.

Anyway, that'll be another story... But then, Wendy, PL and I went to Kinnaree at Jaya One the other day, which was like two months back? Ah, I can't remember... Never mind... Sorry for the lousy picture quality since I forgot to bring my camera along with me.

On the whole, Kinnaree is quite a nice and serene place... You can check out from their website and if you're too lazy to do so... check out these pictures...

What else can I say except that this restaurant is kinda high-class and honestly, for a student like me, jobless, all I could say is that the food is kinda pricey somehow... A plate of fried rice costs around RM17 to RM25.

I order Khao Ob Saparod in which it means fried rice with shrimps, chicken and cashew nuts served in pineapple shell. Haha... I told Wendy that they might re-use the pineapple shell over and over that none of us actually aware that we're indirectly eating other people's saliva. Haha.

Anyway... the fried rice was kinda okay honestly - nothing to shout about but there were only TWO pathetic shrimps in the dish. Yes, two only, nothing more, nothing less... The chicken they meant was actually chicken floss and not the real chicken as in poultry...

But the thing I like is their signature infusion drink... Well, first of all, I'd say it's special because it's served like this...

They'll serve the drink with the whole mini teapot - cute. Even the cups and teapots are cute, don't you think so too? Hehe..

Ah, I ordered Peppermint Infusion while Wendy and PL ordered Kinnaree Infusion, both priced RM5.50 each.

Shuddap, I know I look fat in the picture! In fact, I think I looked kinda retarded in the picture above, so, I know, I know...

Anyway, I'd go straight to my final verdict of the restaurant since I've nothing much to say about the nice ambiance there at Kinnaree.

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