Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When it fails...

My gawd!

I almost puked!

What the heck?!

In response to my previous entry about cosmetic surgeries, Harisu and Yuna, I'm going to share with you guys my discovery that almost made me puke!

MCB... I was happily reading Xiaxue's most recent entry while I was eating my lunch and when I scrolled down to the last picture, I puked! No, it has nothing to do with Xiaxue, in fact, I love the way she blogs.

Okay... it happened like this... I was nearing the end of Xiaxue's entry when I saw the picture below...

I was thinking, "OMG... this girl looks like those girls in manga - pretty, not bad."

As being instructed, I hovered my mouse over to the picture, waited a moment before the picture showed it's true colour!

MCB, that was the moment I puked!

I'm not being mean but it was so unexpected! 'She' looks like a tranny and out of so many trannies that I've seen, this is obviously the ugliest - thick foundation, single-coloured eye-shadow without proper blending and all!


Out of curiousity, I checked out 'her' friendster profile and all her pictures - YUCKS! I don't think I can eat up my dinner tonight... that person totally spoiled a girl's reputation!

MCB, 'she' totally doesn't know how to BEHAVE like a lady! She's showing off her assets like no tomorrow and fuck, I can't stand going through those pictures!

I've nothing against tranny but at least go and fix the face! Yucks!

This is the result of a FAILED cosmetic surgery!

P/S - Pictures taken from 'her' friendster profile and also Xiaxue's blog. Check out her blog!