Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh, mama!

I hate it when I go down the road and notice a girl - prettier, curvier and sexier than me. For like since young, I've been dreaming to become prettier, curvier and sexier but that dream of mine will never comes true this lifetime - not ever.

I went to Mungo Jerry, a quite famous bak kut teh restaurant along Chow Kit Road the other day with my brother and Wendy. Out of the corner of my eyes, just as soon as my brother parked his car, I noticed a lady wearing oh, so sexily! It was so dark that I couldn't make out her face but goodness gracious, her body was DEAD DROP GORGEOUS!

Soon, the lady went into the light and what I saw after that was - holy shit, she's a transexual?! Goodness gracious! Indeed, a transexual that has the body any girl would die for!

No, it wasn't the first time I encountered a transexual but it was the first time a transexual came so near to me! OMG!

Consider cases like Yuna's and Harisu's... I hate them!

~ Yuna from Lady, a Korean trans-gender pop group ~

I don't fancy Yuna a lot because I think somehow, she's trying a little too hard to be girlie and innocent but look at her breasts in the picture! So nice, right?

I want a breast implant too.

Personally, I prefer Harisu more than Yuna - don't ask me why. I have whole collection of Harisu's albums. I love, love, love her voice and anything related to her because firstly... I hate her because she's hot!

~ Sexy Harisu ~

Can you see what I mean? She's burning hot! Yeah, she WAS a guy in the past, so, what? She has the body that any girl would die for and the look of HOLY-MAMA-YOU-ARE-SO-HOT! I would give whatever it takes to look like her if I could!

If you don't even know who Yuna and Harisu are, you'll be so terrified and amazed that a not-so-good-looking GUYS like them could transform into HOT chicks!

~ Yuna ~

~ Harisu ~

Yes, I hate them but NOT hate as in abhor but hate as in ENVIOUS! End of their issues and now, it's time to talk about MY issue.

I was having this talk with a close friends earlier that I want to undergo cosmetic surgery. No, not to become another transexual person! I'm comfortable being a girl and I love my auntie's visit every month! I want to enhance my look and of course liposuction and tummy tuck to make me slimmer. The reason is not solely because of guys - I want to fit into sexy clothes without having to worry about my bulging tummy!

Okay, the second reason would be because of guys - I admit, so what?

No, you're wrong - not undergoing cosmetic surgery to make guys drool over me. No, I'm not so idiotic to do that because I'm NOT dying for attention from guys. I remember, in the past somebody told me, "It's not because of your physical appearance that I'm not into you."


Girls, if there's guy who tell you something like that, trust me, he only wants you to leave him because he thinks you're too fugly for him. He'd beat around the bush, trying to tell you how wonderful you are that you're beautiful from the inside.

Now, it's bullshit!

He said he wasn't into me not because I was too fugly and it was because we didn't match. Every single thing he's said leave deep imprints and scars in me, emotionally. Yes, every single thing.

I want to prove I can be prettier than just 'shines from the inside,' which is totally RUBBISH!

So, I brought up the topic to mum the other day, telling her much I want to undergo cosmetic surgery because for all of my life, I've never felt pretty - never. You should have read the entry how much I was humiliated because of how I looked like.

Surprisingly, mum didn't say no but she said, "If you really want it, go ahead."

Oh, mama, now, that's an issue for me!

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