Friday, November 28, 2008

A little bird told me...

"This guy that you've known is so special that you'd never imagine how special he'll be..."

Well, the little bird is right because he is a very special guy with a very special personalities and characteristics on his own...

Sometimes, he's quite unpredictable...

Since I'm someone who is kinda predictable, he could almost read my mind and at the very next moment, he'll jump up at me and scream, "Caught ya! I know you too well!"

Well, since we are like the direct opposite of each other, there are times when I would disagree with him and there goes the same to him - disagreeing with me as well. I can never remember what our decisions would be at the end of the day because of the contrast between us. We would always make up after that and that's the thing I love about this guy.

On my birthday, he made me cry!

No, not because I was mad or anything - I was crying out of joy! When the clock struck 12 midnight, I got a call from him, instead of the usual hello-greeting, I heard, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Angel, happy birthday to you."

My goodness, I couldn't stop my tears because HONEST, that was the very first time somebody did something as meaningful as that! Gosh... I couldn't express how grateful I was at that point of time!

When the next day came, I was expecting something like a bed-sheet from him but I ended up receiving something more meaningful than that - a moon-stone pendant! OMG... I never expected that and the present came on my birthday itself!

I love, love, love my pendant so, so, so much!

So... today is his birthday...

I couldn't do the same, well, first of all, that wouldn't be a surprise and secondly, I can't find myself singing in front of him - I don't know why. Perhaps, I sound like a frog!

Edwin, aherm... I can't express how grateful I am to have somebody as special as you in my life and thanks for endlessly being there and finally...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Merry Christmas!

Welcome to the gang and love you heaps!

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