Saturday, November 15, 2008

The story of bras...

I used to hate going to departments that sell bras - because it was so hard to find bras of my size back then and I often humiliated myself when the promoters would tell me, "We don't have your size."

No, it wasn't because my assets were humongous or anything - I was too fat to fit into even a size 42C bra. OMG... that was so humiliating! Mum would always skip going bra-shopping with me because she didn't want to humiliate herself.

My life was so pathetic back then.

But these days, guess what? I enjoy doing bra-shopping - partly it's because of not-so-much weight loss and also bra fairs are everywhere at KL.

Muahahaha... I love being a girl and I love doing lingerie shopping... now, if only I could find a filthy rich boyfriend or anything, I'd go lingerie shopping EVERYDAY! Yes, and he has to pay for every lingerie I set my eyes on!

Okay, that'd be a story for another day.

I was out with a few friends to 1 Utama yesterday and guess what - Triumph's Bra Fair!!! OMG... I was complaining earlier to Wendy about the unfriendly promoter from Wacoal and I hate Wacoal and that their collection is nothing to shout about. I hate the promoter - she was like yelling at us when we asked her if Wacoal has bras with removable paddings or not.

I'll leave that to another day.

Yes, about the Triumph's Bra Fair - they have HUGE collections with oh-so-pretty bras and yes, the price tags are prettier too, so girls, if you want to go bra-shopping at Triumph, please stack up your cash or better still, bring your boyfriends along to have them paying for you instead.

OMG, the promoters at Triumph were soooooooooo friendly, can? The moment I got there, this middle-aged lady promoter, who was promoting the new Aqua Fusion Bra that looked something like the picture below came to me...

~ Aqua Fusion Maximizer priced at RM149.90 ~

She asked me to try this on even though I insisted I wouldn't be able to fit it. She was so certain that it would fit me up just nice and said, "Pasti you dapat pakai punya, you'll love it. Kalau tak beli pun tak apa, Ah Kak tak gigit."

I tried this piece - OMG, so comfortable! Really, I am not exaggerating but it felt so light and that it gave this maximum effect of cleavage! OMG... the material was just so comfortable! Best part was that this Aqua Fusion Bra came in another choice if you've smaller breasts but you want them to look fuller...

~ Size them without surgery with Aqua Fusion Bra at RM149.90 ~

The piece above could give you the effect of making your breasts bigger, rounder and fuller and darn... the bestest was that it could make your breasts go 2 sizes up! I was touching and touching and touching that piece when the promoter laughed and said, "I don't think you'll need that."


After trying Aqua Fusion, I proceeded to tell the promoter I want something lacy, sexy but at the same time, it could give the same effect as Aqua Fusion. So, the friendly promoter picked a few pieces of bras from other collections for me. One of them was...

~ Modern Shape at RM179.90 ~

The effect Modern Shape Bra gave could only be described in one word - UMPH! OMG... girls, you wouldn't believe the effect this bra could deliver! It was more extreme than Aqua Fusion! Haha... If only it wasn't priced at RM179.90, I might be getting this piece.

Then, I tried... argh... I forgot the name - I think it's something Cleavage Party? What? You can't blame me for forgetting the name of the collection since Triumph has like thousands of them! Whatever... It looked something like the picture below...

~ Yes, girls, show your cleavage at RM220 for 2 pieces ~

The material is somewhat foam-alike and it felt so light, just like Aqua Fusion. I like the design of this piece because - it combined the design with lace to make the bras look sexier somehow. Haha... Since they were having promotion yesterday, you can get 2 pieces for RM220. The normal price would be RM149.90 for one piece.

Then, I tried the Speed Shaper... I was attracted to the baby blue colour and also the design because it could give you an instant curvier shape!

~ Speed Shaper at RM600++ ~

Yes, it delivered the instant effect of having a curvier shape but somehow, I'd say the bra did not give me the effect I wanted but the shape was there. Since I wanted to get a corset earlier, I thought I might be considering on getting this piece if the price would fall on somewhere around RM300 but I was so wrong - it doubled...


Ah, forget it... I told the promoter that one of these days, I'd get my parents to buy a set of Speed Shaper for me. She was laughing saying, "Ini budak pandai."

So happy, can? I am budak pandai!

Hence, at the end of the day, I ended up buying 3 pieces of the bras...

Now, I can officially pronoun myself bankrupt - no more shopping for the next 2 months until CNY!


clement said...

walaueh.. so gui... but what to do.. men dun like saggy ones

Angel Valerie said...

hahaha... men like u dont like saggy ones so, that's one of the reasons why men should spend more on their potential wives. haha...

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