Monday, November 17, 2008

Movies, movies and more movies!

I love movies - I love it even more when I get free tickets to movies!

I've been watching like 4 movies in a row since the week before Alwin's birthday.

I'm going to do a personal review on the 4 movies I've watched in this entry and please bear in mind that these reviews are PERSONAL and don't use them against me because if you do, you're nothing but an idiot because you don't know the meaning of PERSONAL.

Sorry about that, I've been quite moody lately.

Anyway, first movie... Tropic Thunder.

On the whole, I didn't quite enjoy the movie because this kinda army-related movie is never my type of movie. When the movie first started, I thought it'd be some kinda gross movie but it ended up a comedy instead... Honestly, I didn't find myself laughing much too, so much of a comedy, huh?

But if it wasn't because of friends around, I wouldn't find this an interesting movie as much as I love Ben Stiller. Yes, people, I'm Ben Stiller's fan, so what? I watched so many of his movies and so far, I enjoy Night in the Museum a lot.

My verdict would be 4/10 for this movie.

Then, went to watch The House Bunny with Wendy...

I love bimbotic movies, so, you can't blame me because yes, I'm a bimbo. This movie revolves around the life of a Playboy Bunny and you get to see a lot of cleavages. So, guys, if you're into women's cleavages, this is the movie for you!

Haha... I made it sound so hamsap for guys.

I just love, love, love and love Anna Faris' dresses in this movie and Colin Hanks is just so hot! Haha... So, this is a must-see movie if you're a bimbo and if you love pink as much as I do.

I'm not going to be a spoiler if you guys have not watch this movie yet - go and get a DVD or whatsoever!

My verdict would be 8/10 for this movie.

Deng, deng, deng, deng... Madagascar 2 - Escape to Africa...

Yeah, baby...

I like to move it, move it...
She likes to move it, move it...
We like to move it, move it...

I just love, love, love the scene when Alex, Gloria, Martyr and Melman performed in front of some cute creatures, lemurs. Haha... I love the fact that Gloria, the hippopotamus shakes her big bum so well. OMG... Those scenes were just so funny!

Again, again - the scenes of Gloria and Moto-moto were just so hilarious!

Again, when Melman was trying to make Moto-moto to appreciate Gloria - that was the scene that totally captured my heart!

Best of all, Ben Stiller's voice is in the movie - he's Alex, the Lion!

Stiller made the character so sexy!

My verdict would be 8.5/10 for this movie.

The final review would be on Quantum of Solace...

Honestly, before the movie even started, I was telling Sheau Hui that I'd prefer James Bond to be played by Pierce Brosnan - yes, he's so goddamn hot! I love Brosnan so much that I remember during my childhood years, I'd always associate him with 007 instead of his real name. I thought James Bond was his real name!

Stupid me!

But Daniel Craig isn't that bad too, people! He's HAWT! Just imagine his deep blue eyes, looking into yours. Gosh, he would totally melt my flaming heart!

So, when the movie was being played, I found myself expressing pains when Daniel Craig fell from the high glass tower or stuffs like that. Geez... He portrayed himself as an invincible M16's agent - holy crap, I love Daniel Craig also now!

But if it wasn't because of Daniel Craig, I wouldn't catch myself watching this movie as well because honestly, I think this storyline sucks big time.

My verdict would be 5/10 for this movie.

Yes, it's still better than Tropic Thunder.

There, I've reviewed the movies, so, people, go and watch The House Bunny and Madagascar 2 to get your money worth it!

By the way, before I end this entry...

Dearest Sherene, if you're reading this now, Happy 23rd Birthday, my dear, dear friend and hope you have a wonderful, blissful and blessed birthday today and in many years to come!

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sherene said...

OMG Thanx for da bday wish!! U sorta, like, wish me everywhere (hp, msn, & now ur blog)...haha :D thanx babe and i really love the way u draw ur eyes...i suck big time :P I knw practice makes perfect right...i knw i knw...haha :P