Thursday, November 13, 2008

The geram-ness...

Note: 12 more hours to Sociolinguistics' paper and I'm still here, doing nothing about it - this time die kao kao already!

As the matter of fact, I'm quite geram today lor... Yes, I was geram when I woke up this morning and I am still so damn geram right now!

I admit I'm such a pig at times because I only wake up like 11 o'clock every morning but can you put the blame on me since I sleep so late at night? Yeah, I know, you guys are thinking, "Why can't she go to sleep earlier?"

My answer would be, "Hey, I'm a night person, okay? I can focus better in things I want to do especially late at night. So, quit telling me what to do."

After doing some last minute revision last night, I turned in around 3 a.m. but one hour went by, two hours went by... My eyes were not close yet! I found out I couldn't sleep at all because I was kinda worried of my paper tomorrow!

Around 5 a.m. at last, I got some sleep and at 9.30 a.m. a SMS woke me up. I ignored it but half an hour later, another SMS came in - Dammit, can't you just let the girl have a peaceful sleep? One of the SMS-es was from Biotherm, updating of my membership points while the other one was from Maybankard.

Darn... and another hour later, stupid sister sent a SMS... OMG... Nowadays, she kept on waking me up early in the morning. When I asked her about it, she said, "Oh, that's just something I love to do - waking you up early in the morning!"

The time was 10.30 a.m.

I brushed my teeth and getting ready to send my brother off to work. When I opened the main entrance's door, I found a note stuck to the side of the sliding door.

MCB, I missed Mr. Postman!!!

Good. That means I needed to go all the way to KL Sentral to pick up my package!

So, there I was at KL Sentral around 2 p.m. when a lady told me, "Miss, you punya package akan sampai pukul 8 malam because our postman belum balik lagi. Sorry, ya."

First of all, no big deal about going back there to get my package again but the shittiest thing was that... I paid RM6 for the parking fee and I ended up getting nothing?!


I reached home around 2.30 p.m. and realized I haven't duplicated my house's keys and that if I don't get it done by tonight, my brother wouldn't be able go out of the house after I leave early tomorrow morning.

On the top of the good luck that I've been receiving today, I haven't finish revising for my stupid paper tomorrow. Geram!!!

I need to get my keys duplicated later and get my stupid package too...

So much of a good week ahead of me...

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