Saturday, October 4, 2008

Xiaxue vs. Dawn

Normally, I don't do lame stuffs like comparing the infamous Xiaxue to Dawn. Yes, it proves I'm lame now... Ya, ya, say it if you want to, I don't really mind.

Since my mood has been terribly affected by a lot of things lately and that explains the previous two entries, at least let me laugh about something for now. Hey, I'm not fine yet, okay? My mood will continue to be bad until the day I can fit into a size S.

So, you guys better pray hard so that I can fit into size S and then, you'll see a happy me again. As for Part 4 of my story, well, I'll do it another day - Cecilia, I promise :)

I was reading Dawn's blog the other day when she was getting ready to go to Sydney, thus, I came across this video...

Well, nothing funny but you can focus on her articulation and her facial expressions. It's just like she couldn't move certain areas of her face. It's weird alright but behold people... below... IS SOMETHING SUPER FREAKING FUNNY!!!

OMG... I was laughing my jaws off when I saw Xiaxue's video!

Let me remind you again, people, I'm NOT comparing Xiaxue and Dawn. So, don't come to be and say I'm jealous of Xiaxue or Dawn because they're pretty, famous or anything.


Anyway, enjoy the videos!


Alice said...

me: hahahhahaa

mr wong: hahahahhahaahahahhaa

LydiaKong said...

yes...tat was hillarious. saw tat few days ago. LMAO

Angel Valerie said...

hahaha... i love xx's hilarity!