Sunday, October 5, 2008

Amuleto by Jade Crystal

The other day I walked into Amuleto, it was because they said wireless service is provided for their customers. I was awed by the presentation of the restaurant - HONEST.

One word - SPLENDID!

Yeah, the arrangement of the tables, the nice sofas, the pretty glass and marble tables, the ambiance, the decorations - all... They are look so nice in RED.

When we were given the menus, I so much wanted to order either the cheese or the chocolate fondue but since it was like RM30 respectively, I decided not to order it. No, it wasn't because I can't afford the RM30, it was because I was worried of my weight more than anything.

Gobbling down the cheese or chocolate fondue will cause a raise in my daily calorie intake and believe me, I'll die kao kao after that.


I opted for their Set Lunch that day. I wanted Green Curry with Rice but too bad they told me they don't serve Green Curry on that day. I wanted something spicy so, it was quite disappointing but never mind... I ordered...

Fettucine ala I-don't-know-what. Haha... Sorry, I forgot the the name of this dish. Err... Lemme think... I think it should be Chicken Fettucine.

I wouldn't say the dish was splendid or so because on the whole - well, if you provide me with the ingredients, I can cook this dish too but since I opted for an economical lunch set that comes with free soup, dessert of the day and soft drink, I couldn't complain more.

Best of all, the Set Lunch is priced at RM13.90, in which with all the soup, dessert and drink, it's worth it lor...

~ Buttered Mushroom Soup ~

~ Sprite with Lime ~

Ah, well, the dessert of the day was three slices of pathetic-looking watermelon. Nothing special, so I didn't take any picture of the watermelon.

At the same time, Sandy and I opted for Cheesy Fries - RM8.

On the whole, the Cheesy Fries are nice but it's just that my camera of 5MP couldn't capture the nice-ness of the fries. Haha... I should get a DLSR instead - yeah, some day later, I will.

Well, if you think of going to Amuleto, this is the address...

Lot G(E)-015
Midvalley Megamall.

So, my review of Amuleto would be...

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