Monday, October 13, 2008

Come Clean with Fly FM

P/S - I was so happy last night. Damon purposely called all the way from Singapore just to sing to me! OMG! He totally made my day - I woke up feeling so happy this morning because of him!

P/P/S - SK is sooooooooo damn sweet, OMG! I'm like, totally love him to the max and I told AM that I'm going to marry him some time later!!!

Now, I know some of you are so freaking fed up with me with so many PS-es before my actual entry. Well, I still have so many PS-es if you want me to go on and on about it. Haha. We'll save that for another day.

Ah... the story so far... I guess it's time for me to burst out one of many stories of my life to those who care about me and so on. I bet you've heard about Fly FM's Come Clean Contest with collaboration from Whisper, right? If you haven't, then, head to their website and register yourself, plus tell them a secret that you want to share with your best buddy and stand a chance to win a fully sponsored trip to Bali for two that worth RM10,000!


I love secrets!

Technically, I've already signed up for the contest because I love to write but bear in mind that IF I ever win the contest, the story I told them is 100% of the truth and NO LIES or anything! I pinky swear I didn't write in to Fly FM to tell them a lie because that secret means a lot to me!

The 10 best emails will be selected and people can vote for the best entry starting from the 3rd of November to the 16th of November. So, if you're dying to know my secret, please vote for me IF my entry is selected as the best 10 entries! Haha... or if you love me, please vote for me!

*MCB, I feel so disturbed after posting this entry up because memories haunt and they'll do so for the rest of my life, so, away it shall go - doink - into the dustbin*

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