Saturday, October 11, 2008

True love?

It's always a wonder what a guy or a girl would do for big love - what all these people would go through because of love.

But honestly, what is love to you? What does it mean to you?

After years of searching for the meaning of TRUE LOVE, I finally came to realization that true love doesn't exist - not at all.

I was really so stupidly naive back in my high school years that I really trusted all those fairy tales kinda things. I also believed that love could turn the world around. Boy, I was so stupid!

For those who have known me since my high school years like Jeremy, Lydia and Amy, you should have known what kinda person I used to be back then. I held on to my belief that some day, my prince will come and then, I would marry him and live happily ever after - these are all craps now.

Yes, those thoughts confuse me in later life, which is now. Come to think of it, I can only laugh at my foolishness back then.

How many of us, girls, could really meet the guy of our dreams as in a guy that is tall, dark, good-looking and being wealthy is a plus point? I guess it wouldn't be fair if I direct this questions to all the girls out there but not the guys...

To be fair, I know guys are just like girls, typical human beings. They get attracted to the hottest chick next block and if that girl could be wealthy, well, it's a plus point too.

If you're shaking your head from left to right, right to left and saying, "no," that means I'm right.

I wish to argue no further about the existence of true love because in my context it doesn't exist but mind you all, I'm saying it doesn't exist in your contexts so, don't point guns at my head saying, "You better take back your words."

It won't be entertained because soon, I'm going to do an entry regarding why I think true love doesn't exist.

Thank you.



Simpleton said...

Hmm...of course it does. God created us out of True Love right?

After all, when two stark opposites meet and journey together forever does that symbolise true love?

Love is not material, neither it is conceited. True love is unconditional and you have found it.

Not in me la of course! Lol. God.

Don't bother writing about the non-existence of true love, we just don't see it because it doesn't crave celebrity status Kakak Kembar!

Angel Valerie said...

cis, adik kembar. u kacau betul ini!

the TRUE LOVE from God, of coz im aware of it's existence - was debating on the issue of the existence of it between a guy n a girl.

yes, i do love God even though i havent been to church for like more than half year. haha...