Saturday, October 25, 2008

Emotional me again...

O hai, it's me again and things are getting pretty nostalgic lately.

Remember my previous post regarding the best thing in my life? Can you guys recall, can you?

Sigh... Why am I feeling so emotional again?

Few days ago, I was telling Wendy I was feeling devastated because of something I did in the past and that I don't think I'll ever get through the memories of those days... It sucks to be me especially when I know I should do something to put things back together but at the same time, something is holding me back.

Wendy suggested perhaps, I should tell him the truth. I know, my kakak YT has been telling me the same thing too but honestly, I don't even dare to imagine what will happen to our friendship if I really am to tell him everything from A to Z because... lately...

It's like... now, things go a step further - no, we're not in a relationship but I kinda feel something from his side. I don't want to make myself go psycho because of what I sense...

I know it's going to be hard on him because of the white lies I told but I'm feeling bad too and honestly, Wendy and kakak YT, I don't think I'll ever, ever have the courage to pour out the truth to him - how?

Sigh... all these make me recall of those years of knowing him - he's been there through thick and thin... Why am I such an idiot not to notice all those?

Yes, I'm an idiot.


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