Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy birthday, SK!

I know, I should be studying and working out on my Sociolinguistics assignment but I promise, this is going to be quick!

Today might be any like typically normal day of your life but 24 years ago, on this day, a very special person was born. To others he might be just the guy next door but to me, he's a very, very close friend that totally understands my lameness and everything.

I used to hate my secondary school years so much back then until I got to know this guy during Form 6. He might not be the clown of the class but he never failed to make me smile or laugh with his silly jokes - although some of the jokes were not funny.

When I first got to know, I was pulling a joke on him that my birthday would be on the 31st of August and since it's a holiday, I demanded a birthday present from him although my birthday passed a long time ago. Naive enough, he asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him, "100 self-drawn cars on A4 papers and you're going to give them to by before our class is over."

Yes, I was such a bitch because you know what? He actually drew three and passed them to me and then, when I realized I was totally into the lie that I told him, I felt guilty and I told him that I was trying to pull his leg.

His answer was, "I knew your birthday passed a long ago, that was why I only drew three."

OMG, he wasn't so angelic after all!

I remember the only class I looked forward to was Biology because it was then, I could sit next to him and have a good laugh. Once, when we were supposed to operate some guinea pigs, he and his not-so-funny jokes came about, telling us stories about how those guinea pigs were going to haunt us. I bet those guinea pigs haunted him because the guinea pig he operated was pregnant with four babies!

I used to tell him, one of this days, I'm going to marry him and make him my husband. My plan was to talk to his mum about OUR marriage and he was buying it, really!
Angel: I'm going to tell your mum that I want to marry you.
SK: No, you're not going to do that!
Angel: Why not?
SK: C'mon, I don't want my mum to freak out!
Things got better after we finished Form 6 - yeah, we're still keeping in touch every time we're back at Sibu. If you're curious, don't worry, I never did talk to mum about OUR marriage because I wouldn't have the guts to do so. Haha... Those were meant to be jokes to make him listen to me.

Ah, all those bring back memories... Come to think of it, four years have passed since we left our secondary school.

Well, since today is SK's big day... this entry is specially dedicated to him - I'm not sure if he's reading it or not but if he does, good, if he doesn't, I'll MAKE him read it. Haha... I'm such a genius.

For the guy who used to tell me, "I don't like taking pictures."

For the guy who loves to cover his face with his fingers during photoshoots...

For the guy that is so poor that he can only afford to wear plastic top...

For the guy who has the wittiest silly brain of all times...

For the guy who eats a lot but his weight remains stagnant for years...

For the guy who never gets any fatter from all the consumption of food...

Mr. SK, happy birthday!

I'm looking forward to endless chatting sessions with you as soon as I get my big butt back to Sibu next year!


clement said...

hmmm... mok... he reads your blog? ha ha. where is he? haven't see him for like a few years already.

Angel Valerie said...

hahaha... i left him a msg this morning n called him to wish him happy birthday n that silly guy wished me happy deepavali instead.

haha... he's at UMS - same as u. i dunno if he reads it or not bcoz sometimes, he does mention about my blog, sometimes, he pretends like he knows nothing.

mok said...

wah.... i read it of course!! but really dono how to react lo, honestly..hehe

emmmm, get touched n.....


Angel Valerie said...

SK, duno how to react, nvm, belanja makan. haha.