Monday, September 8, 2008

Ministry of Food @ Pavilion

It sounds sooooooooo political, right?

Ah, let's put the issues of politics behind and talk about Ministry of Food first... The first time when I came across it, I told me brother like, "What ministry of food? Got such things meh?"

Me brother was annoyed and pointed to the direction of the shop lot and said, "There - Ministry of Food!"

Okay, I was a little embarrassed. We walked into Ministry of Food only to find that it was almost fully occupied with people. A waiter came out to greet us and brought us to share a table with two Japanese girls.

Just as soon as we sat down, we were given their menus...

That's the front page. When we flipped to the other page, this is what that's inside the menu...

OMG... all the desserts looked soooooo damn nice in the pictures!

For your information, MOF is purely about desserts, desserts and more desserts. So, if you're a dessert-person like me, you can go to MOF for a try.

It's actually weird because when I went to MOF's website, I found out that in Singapore, they're serving other food like ala carte and stuffs but in Malaysia, they're serving only desserts. Well, for me, it's still good because I love desserts although they're sinfully fattening.

At the back of the menus, there are some other things written on them...

Haha... For me desserts are all so sinful that they're going to make you fatter but it's written that no preservatives, bla, bla, bla are added, so, do that make the desserts healthy? You judge.

The atmosphere inside MOF is not so bad actually... It so happened that the day when we went to MOF, it was so crowded that I didn't enjoy it at all.

Hence, we made our orders...

~ #1 - Watermelon Shake RM7.90 ~

~ #2 - Strawberry Gelato Mini RM12.90 ~

~ #3 - Supposed-to-be Macha Zen RM11.90 ~

~ #4 - Macha Kurian RM15.90 ~

Among the four orders that we made that day, all of us enjoyed Macha Kurian. Watermelon Shake is not to our likings because there's nothing-to-boast about since it tasted of watermelon plus milk plus vanilla. The strawberry thingy is not to my liking because I'm not a strawberry person although there are strawberries in it...

I didn't eat the strawberries - me brother said they were so sour can die. Haha... Lucky I'm not a strawberry person...

Because MOF was so jam-packed the other day, they brought us the wrong order for #3. We ordered for Macha Zen which was supposed to be green tea ice-cream in red bean soup but it came out vanilla ice-cream in red bean soup. Mum said never mind, so, we had it instead of asking them to re-make a new one.

Still, they were all nice... Yes... taste so good that you can go to heaven after that... Haha...

See... even somebody like dad who's not a dessert-person agrees with me that their desserts were so good that day.

So, if you're interested in paying MOF a visit, this is their address...

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee
Lot 1.02.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Do go there because you know what?

Haha... I'm not doing advertorial for MOF, don't worry - I don't get paid too.

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