Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm back after so long...


I know there are people out there who think I'm already dead because I've been missing for long enough but don't worry, I'm still alive and kicking harder than you.

For the past 2 weeks plus, I've been away from cyberworld, specifically, blogosphere because the parents were here and we've been bringing them around as well as entertaining them. At the same time, my schedule was so tight with some other things that I couldn't even find a time to blog.

Err... honestly, my mind is kinda blank right now - in which it means, after being missing for so long, I still can't find anything to blog about. I think my brain is getting rusty nowadays. I might need to polish it some day when I'm really free.

Since everybody is like demanding for my graduation pictures and I blurry sent them all back to Sibu with the parents, so, bear with the lousy qualities of the pictures that were taken and retaken again using my T2.

Imma not going to tell you story of why I was late for the ceremony and so because damn sleepy right now lor. Kelvin has been telling me that his mother has been waiting and waiting to see my pictures on blogspot but I haven't posted them up no matter how many times he logged onto my page. So, Kev, feast your big eyes and remember to ask your mum to see the pictures, okay?

Wait... wait... wait... Haha... I forgot about something. I will start off with the not-so-many presents that I've got for my graduation. When I mean not-so-many, I truly mean it, so, believe it!

~ Roses from me brother ~

I tell you, I super heart my da sao now... She is soooooooooo sweet. Despite not being able to attend my graduation ceremony, my present still came and I super heart the bracelet that she gave me lor. So, I told me brother to quickly get married!

See... I told you not-so-many presents, right?

Behold, people... you're going to witness yours truly in her super fugly graduation robe that weighed 5kg and successfully made me looked retarded and fat in it...

The day itself was quite a rush. Everybody was snapping pictures away but since I was late, I didn't get to snap a lot of pictures. Even after the ceremony, the parents were pestering me to leave as it was so hot outside the hall that they wanted to go somewhere with air-conditioning. Thus, I didn't get to take pictures with people like Wendy, Aminah, Tifa, Alice, Ah Ma and so on... I totally like missed the chances to take the pictures with them!


Err... I think the above two pictures are the only pictures taken with friends - other than that, I don't have anymore, so, don't request pictures from me. Still, I've like a lot of pictures taken with my family in the absence of da sao.

~ The parents outside Wisma MCA ~

I've a lot more pictures of the family and I but I'm refusing to share because I looked so retarded in most of the pictures as I looked like I wasn't awake and I didn't even have my make-up ready on that particular day... Sigh... all those make-up practices went into dustbins because I woke up late!

Deng, deng, deng... Now, for some studio pictures - in which I went to Averine to get my make-up done because I don't trust my make-up skills. It cost RM38 per person for day make-up, in which for me, it wasn't at all very expensive.

Lemme tell you something that I discover about Averine.

Their make-up is so natural and it feels so light on your skin! The make-up can actually transform you from a pauper to a princess! Yes, You've to believe me! I love their foundation to bits! I got so excited when I saw the result of the make-over! Shit, I was like... flawless with the application of the foundation alone! OMG! I was totally in love with my flawless complexion after applying the foundation from Averine!

Okay, okay, I'll stop complimenting on Averine's foundation and be done with this entry...

But, but... the foundation is like so damn good that I need to get one for my own!!! Darn... is there any kind soul out there who's willing to give me one?

Daddy said he doesn't like the picture above because the studio didn't photoshop his eyebags and wrinkles away. Haha... He pestered me brother to do the photoshop jobs for him since he wants his pictures to look young!

Since I'm done with this entry, Imma need to get my beauty sleep now!


clement said...

wow.. congratz... going for masters?

MiMi said... look thin in your studio pic!!!nice!!!^^

Angel Valerie said...

clement - thanks. where got going for masters? going for Ph.D!

mimi - urs nicer. i like urs. where got thin? those were the look-thin two only. the rest sucks... sighs...

Simpleton said... blog oso nvr tell me...n please la, why u have to put me in to endorse a cosmetic brand? :D

LydiaKong said...

hey...i didn't know u graduate. anyway congrates ehhh!!

Angel Valerie said...

bernard, finally u're here! haha... why? u should be so glad that im endorsing u in my cosmetic brand because then, u'll be so damn famous among girls!

lydia, thanks a lot!