Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Gosh, I'm feeling so homesick right now.

This feeling worsens after which my parents went back to Sibu exactly one week ago... It's like all of a sudden, I feel like I'm leading a life without a sense of direction as I've been spending two full weeks with my parents at KL so, when they went back, I'm feeling so lonely and homesick.

I wish Doraemon would appear right in front of me and gimme a pintu suka hati so that I can go back home whenever I want to.

*sob, sob*

~ I miss The Parents ~

~ I miss stupid sister ~

I feel like crying already... I want to go home... I want to spend the whole night talking to dad about politics. I want to spend the whole night talking to mum about my future hubby. I want to spend the whole night talking to my stupid sister about life.

I've been telling me brother about my plan on going back home for Hari Raya but it's like almost impossible because the air tickets for a trip to and fro cost a freaking RM1200++ for Airasia.

There goes my plan - boooom... into the dustbin!

Sigh... I think it'd take another while before I can go back home for once again and endorsing myself with the smell of my very own cosy room back home...

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