Thursday, August 21, 2008

The day it died on me...

Yes, it died out on me since two weeks ago...

My N80 finally died out on me even though I did take good care of it despite falling down three or four times since last year due to my carelessness. Okay, you can blame it on me - come, come.

Sob... I love me N80 so much that you can see it's basically scratch-less and gleaming new. How can it died out on me at this time?

Let me tell you what happened to it that have made me freaking mad for the past two weeks...

1. The screen went white when I slide it up...

2. The screen went white AGAIN when I slide it down...

3. The keypad somehow is not responding well.

4. Mute phone!

Yesterday, when I was trying to make a call to me brother, the phone refused to make the outgoing call no matter how hard I tried to press the 'call' button. Then, after which I've made the call, I couldn't hang up! Darn phone!

Mum, dad and me sister have been nagging that I haven't been answering calls these days. You see, the phone is mute sometimes but sometimes, it's perfectly fine! Stupid mute phone! It totally gets on my nerve when I need to make urgent calls, the phone seems to go against me!

Then, me brother was so annoyed at my stupid phone that he told me to get a new one instead of making my life miserable with the current one. You see, it's not because I don't want to get a new one, it's because I don't know which to get as I told myself I'm going to use my N80 because it's my lifelong beloved mobile.

Get my point?

What to do? I need to put it to rest soon after the parents come. Haha... in which, for me, it means good news since I'm going to get a new set of mobile. So, I've been doing some surveys online and came across few phones that I'd like to get my hands on...

1. Nokia 6500

Da-sao got a Nokia 6500 last week and I like it's sleek design honestly. Well, the picture quality is ain't that bad but still, the best thing about this model is that it's sleek and elegant! Da-sao and I both love slider phone but I think after this, I won't be getting any slider phone any longer.

The bad thing is that... an internet-freak like me should get to access to internet whenever I like provided wireless service is provided but 6500 doesn't offer WLAN - too bad but still, I like it and MIGHT consider on getting it if there's no other choice.

2. Nokia N82

I'd say N82 is actually quite a nice phone if it's not because of it's keypad - too small and narrow for my liking. Equipped with a 5MP camera and WLAN, it's one of the best phones that Nokia has. Me brother told me to go for this one too because he's using it now and very satisfied with it.

Well, yes, everything about N82 is good and the reason I keep on considering if I should get this piece is because I don't want to be using the same phone as me brother - I know I'm very particular when it comes to this but I'll still give it a good consideration if there's no other choices available.

3. Nokia N78

The thing that I don't like about N78 is also the keypad. Sigh... Why do the people at Nokia wanna make the keypad so like that? Small and narrow some more, just like N82... It comes with a 3.2MP camera which is like 0.2MP better than my current N80 in which I never really use the camera since I've got a camera of 8.1MP.

The keypad bothers me every much... But still, if you want to know, N78 is in my consideration list because of the specifications of this model.

4. Sony Ericsson G900

Okay, honestly, I'm not a BIG fan of Sony Ericsson because I used to have Z520i around 2 years ago and that darn phone died out on me in not more than 7 months! When I brought it to the service center, the repairman told me it was because the cable that connects the screen to the keypad was spoilt.

Fine, spoilt... How can it be spoilt when I didn't even pull the phone apart? By the way, Z520i is a fold phone. Now you know why I super don't like Sony Ericsson's phone and I went back to Nokia after using Samsung, Motorola, Siemens and Alcatel.

But G900 kinda made me changed mind. It supports WiFi and best of all, like my Sony Cybershot T2, it comes with touch-screen feature. Yes, I love touch-screen gadgets. A 5MP camera phone, just like N82 and I always think that the camera quality of Sony Ericsson is better than those of Nokia.

Yes, it's in my consideration list too.

5. Nokia N93i

My gawd!!! This piece of gadget is so fucking nice, I tell you! Damn, why is Nokia so darn smart when it comes to gadget like N93i? My gawd... I fell in love with it when I saw it the first time few days ago.

I never took interest in N series' model starting with the digit 9 but damn... N93i is so nice and elegant and high-class! You can turn the surface into a mirror look-alike thingy like this...

Then again, you can actually twist and fold this gadget. Damn nice! You can also turn N93i into laptop look-alike gadget...

Further more, since I've always wanted to get a video-camera, N93i offers it and best of all, you can actually hold this gadget as if you're holding your video-camera like this...

Some friends told me it's bulky and too big for girls but I don't mind having a bulky and big phone too. Well, N93i is equipped with 3.2MP camera - nothing special... but I just like the appearance of it and also the video recording stuffs in the gadget.

Okay, the end of the list... Before I end my entry - please DO NOT recommend N95 ever. I'm not interested in it at all. It looks clumsy.

Tell me which gadget I should get...


Roses said...

eww..the N93 bulkiness turn me off..totally..
dump Nokia. go for Sony..
i had my hard times with Nokia too. slide phone. it got me puke..which afterwards, i have phobia w Nokia..yet to overcome however, i am thinking of getting the Nokia flip phone..dunno what series..

clement said...

go for the most expensive.!!!

Angel Valerie said...

rose - yes N93 is really bulky n a bit heavy for it's size too. haha... Nokia 3250 previously gave me a lot of problems so, i traded it for my N80 that remains problem-less for 1.5 years n it finally died out on me.

flip phone... im not sure about other Nokia phone except for N series - N76. it's super thin n i love the red colour of it.

clement - u pay for me is it? then, i'd get the most expensive. btw, clement, all those phones are similar in prices, so, where got d most expensive one?