Friday, August 8, 2008

Vivo @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

One of the fast food restaurants in Malaysia.


Me love fast food but me hate the guiltiness after eating it.

Okay, end of nonsense. Let me begin with the story of three cute-kiut girls who went food-hunting at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

Those three cute-kiut girls are non others than YT, Wendy and I. Haha... Yes, YT introduced us to Vivo, which was situated at the corridor of The Curve which leads to Cineleisure. Find the location out on your own. I'm not quite sure of it.

The restaurant doesn't look anywhere tempting if you happen to pass by it because I didn't even notice it was already there since the first time I went to The Curve like three years ago!

So, three of us took our seats and we were given the menus. We flipped through the pages on the menus and I'd say the price isn't very, very cheap because even McDonald's or KFC is definately cheaper and their value meals come with Pepsi or so. But still, I'd say it's in the affordable range if you don't go for the expensive drinks.

The good thing about Vivo is that besides serving the typical burgers, fries and fried chickens, they have other food like lasagna, fish and chips and even burgers customized by yourself!!! I chose Parmesan and Oregano bread with BBQ Chicken and it was served with fries at only RM8.90 exclusive of tax.

From the picture above, it looks nice, right? Believe me, it tasted nice too and I even divided it into two meals - lunch and dinner.

Forgive the picture above because it was grossly taken by Wendy's insufficient photography skills. Haha... That was a joke. It might look gross but it really tasted nice, believe me.

As for Wendy and YW, both of them ordered Lasagna and Fish n' Chips respectively...

I wouldn't say the Fish n' Chips is special because it's yet another typical Fish n' Chips you can see anywhere in town. Go for their Lasagna instead - Salmon Lasagna. Yes, it was nice and recommended for those of you who love Salmon and cheese, just like Wendy.

Their Lasagna and Fish n' Chips were served together with mushroom soups and garlic breads...

Sorry, no picture of mushroom soups because I think you're able to imagine how it looks like on your own, right? Smart you.

So, the final verdict of the day is...

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