Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nirwana @ Bangsar

Lovin' curry?

Lovin' tosai?

Lovin' chapati?

Lovin' canai?

Yes, I'm lovin' them, baby!

For whole of my life, I think I'll be addicted to curry as much as you do. I grew up eating and cooking curry because believe it or not, my mum is hell of a good cook! She cooks terrific curry, rendang, masak merah and stuffs like that.

Now you know how my mum got hold of dad's heart and why dad is so addicted to her cookings up to this very day.

Thus, one day, me brother and I have decided to give it a try at Nirwana because my da sao a.k.a. sister-in-law going-to-be kept on recommending the curry, rendang and stuffs at Nirwana.

Just in case you have never heard of Nirwana before, it is situated at Bangsar. If you've been to Bangsar Village, you'll know that Nirwana is right opposite it. If I'm not mistaken, Nirwana is situated opposite Bangsar Village's COAST boutique door. Find the way on your own because I'm not a good tour guide.

Once you get to Nirwana, you'll be greeted with this...

Yes, no sharing of meals because you can keep on adding and adding and adding your share without limits, so, no sharing. Haha... I was laughing out silly at the notice because I told me brother that it looks stupid being hung up there and yet Wendy and I still shared our meals.

I went there two times courtesy of me brother and da sao. The first time I was there, I was totally fascinated by their banana leaf meal. Yes, rice served on banana leaves with three different dishes... like this...

The three different dishes are cucumber salad, cabbage with bitter gourd. There might be a number of people who dislike bitter gourd but let me tell you, their bitter gourd is really awesome! Yes, it's awesome. You should try it.

Besides the dishes served, you can order additional dishes like mutton curry, beef rendang, chicken or fish curry.

By the way, the bitter gourd is the dish in red.

For a person who dislikes and hates bitter gourd like me, I found that their bitter gourd is so good that you'll keep on eating non-stop. The secret is that they actually drained the bitterness in the bitter gourd and then, dip it in flour before deep-frying them.


When I was there for the second time, I was really greedy. I kept on taking the bitter gourd that I ended up not finishing my rice and cucumber salad. Yes, I don't like cucumber and remember that!

Da sao was telling me not to waste my food and in the end, she was the one wasting her food because she didn't even finish her share.

~ Anonymous Wendy with the da sao who is so fluent in Mandarin ~

I was suffering throughout the process of finishing my food because I wasn't really hungry that day. I even had to dump the cucumber salad onto my brother's banana leaf because I really don't like cucumbers.

I'm not sure if it's belief or what that once you've finished your meal, you need to fold the banana leaf into two. It's what da sao told me... to fold the banana leaf and leave it like this...

The banana leaf meals are really nice that if you so happen to be pass by Bangsar Village for lunch or dinner, give it a try. It's affordable I'd say.

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