Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friends and I

Note: The parents are coming in not more than 24 hours from now. Yippee, I'm so damn excited about it - and also the make-up and photography sessions are on Friday. I'm looking forward to it. Hip, hip, hooray!

It was indeed a tiring day. At the time I started out typing this entry, I've just taken my shower and got home from a long, long day... Yeah, the day itself felt so long since I haven't been spending time with my friends since lessons started.

Sob, sob...

I miss all of them actually... They've either been too occupied with work or even too busy doing their Masters that we couldn't meet up until yesterday morning.

Actually we were supposed to meet at 9 a.m. at PB Auditorium but due to some issues, I was late and got there around 11.30 a.m. Well, I know I'm always late but I've pretty good reason for being late.

Right, I didn't mention the purpose of going to PB Auditorium right? It was to collect my graduation gown. Hey, believe it or not, it's partly PINK! Haha... I love PINK. I was happy but unfortunately, Alice and Wendy didn't agree with me. They said YELLOW would definitely look better - after all, YELLOW is the royal colour.

When I got to the Internet Lab to fill up some surveys, the computers were fully occupied. MCB... I stood there and waited for half an hour. Stupid-laa, I tell you... The Internet Lab has sooooo many computers but only like 15 to 20 computers were switched on for us - more than 1000 students! Imagine if I got there around 2p.m. or so... I'd be so dead from queuing up.

It took me like 15 minutes or so to fill up the surveys and printed them out to collect my graduation gown in PB Auditorium. The process was not to say speedy but well... sorta okay. At least I didn't need to wait long to get my gown and mortar board.

~ Zebra Alice and I ~

There we were - Orange Alice, Zebra Alice, YT, Wendy and I, sitting at the corner of the room, waiting for Aminah Too... Yes, Aminah Too was late because according to her, the KTM broke down in the middle of nowhere and she was stuck inside it...

You can see from the pictures below - our faces while waiting for Aminah Too...

~ YT and Orange Alice were bored and asked where Aminah Too was ~

Wendy was keeping an eye on the door for Aminah Too since she was more than just being late... So, we chatted a bit before the situation below took place...

~ Orange Alice got more than bored waiting for Aminah Too ~

YT, being a camera-person as she always is, said, "Let's do something else rather than waiting for Aminah Too..."


~ Kick Aminah Too ~

Eventually, they got bored and I got bored too, so, I kept away my camera and we continued chatting and chatting and chatting - while waiting for Aminah Too...

At last, Aminah Too arrived and we hastily kicked her butt asked her to go get her graduation gown and mortar board because we needed to rush to The Curve after that. It was lucky that Aminah Too was fast or else, we'd strangle kick her. Okay, that was a joke... We still sayang our Indonesian maid, Aminah Too.

So, our next destination - Red Box at The Curve!

We were late for half an hour due to some stupid traffic jam that got my blood boiling because it totally wasted my petrol! Then, the person at the reception counter told us that they won't give us additional time because we were late and it wasn't their fault that we were late.

Okay, fair enough, so we didn't comment further. We hastily went into our designated room and started to choose the songs we wanted and in not more than a few minutes, the pages were full!

Power or not? Haha... When it comes to singing, all of us semangat betul, I tell you! We can go on and on and on until when one of us look like Zebra Alice from the picture below...

~ Zebra Alice looks so damn tired here ~

On the other hand, Aminah Too looks so damn energetic even though she has been screaming and singing and rapping for like 3 hours or so... Darn her energy level...

~ Introducing Aminah Too and Orange Alice ~

As for me... Haha... damn semangat also... I felt like I was dominating the microphone most of the time because for most of those songs, I held on dearly to the microphone as if I was clinging on for dear life even though I didn't know some of the songs.

~ Me, looking so fugly in the picture taken by Wendy ~

I discovered a fact today... Orange Alice is a camwhore just like Zebra Alice and us. Muahaha... Take a look at the pictures below and you'll know why...

Now, I wonder if all Alice-s in the world are camwhores or not. Haha... So, when you combine Orange Alice with Zebra Alice, this is the result...

~ The Duo Trouble ~

Don't you just love the Alice-s? I mean, look, they're soooooo damn cute. Zebra Alice can smile until her eyes were lost in that pretty face while Orange Alice is as always, beautiful beyond descriptions.

Finally... a proper group picture...

Okay, that'd be all for today. So damn tired and sleepy that my eyes almost shut while doing this entry.

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