Friday, July 11, 2008

The thing with Jeremy and I...

I was chatting to Jeremy last night via MSN and our conversations were something like this...

Yeah, Jeremy and I were reminiscing about the good old days that we, we as in Vincent, him and I, spent during our high school years... Those were the times when the two best friends would always prank on me, the only girl in the gang.

Soon, our conversation moved to Vincent. Among three of us, only Vincent is attached. I can't help it but to feel that I'll be going through single-hood this lifetime (hey, single-hood isn't so bad, okay?)

Well, it's not weird when one day, your best buddy asks you out and introduces his or her other half to you, right? In that case, I was trying to figure out what it'll be like to both Jeremy and I when Vince is to do that. Then, the conversation led onto...

Jeremy, being someone who he is, never fails to remind me that one day he might get the invitation from me for my wedding. Me, being the ever-so-sarcastic person, replied that when he's to get the invitation, it's going to be OUR, yes OUR as in Jeremy and my wedding.

He went speechless over the statement I've made. Typical Jeremy. Being more typical, he said if I could sponsor everything including his air-ticket of coming back to Malaysia from London, then, he'll marry me (or is it I will marry him in this context? Whatever).

It struck me all of a sudden because when I went through our conversation, I realized that it sounded like I am proposing to Jeremy and that was so-not-right because I don't want to be the one proposing to him. He should be proposing to me. So, I called the silly idea off.

Thus, I began to hear Jeremy's grumblings about her... That how much he fancies her and stuffs like that. Mind you, Jeremy and I are not in any relationship and we're only FRIENDS, so, don't ask so many irrelevant questions.

I know just how it feels to be in a one-sided love. Yeah, you do a lot of things for him or her just because you want him or her to notice you or even just to get him or her to talk to you more but in the end, he or she tells you, "We're best friends, right?"

*Ribut dan petir*

Forgetting the memories that two people share is not the thing easiest thing to do so, I'd advise him not to do if he doesn't feel like doing it. I told him if he can't let go of the memories with her, just let the memories be kept in a corner in his heart and to treat those memories as parts and puzzles of life in learning to grow up.

Yes, it applies to everyone. You don't have to forget if you don't want too but remember, you've to move on no matter what because this is life.

Jeremy, Jeremy... being so typical again, went into one of his many philosophies of seeing so many couples holding hands on the road side while he's alone as always... Being my usual lame self, I told him that I can lend him my hands if he feels like wanna hold somebody's hands. Hey, it's nothing, right? I just wanna cheer this friend who's down and going through so many hardships in life!

Good thing Jeremy didn't say he doesn't wanna hold my hands. Haha...

*clap, clap, tepuk tangan*

So, to put up with my lameness, Jeremy got into his usual self again, telling me that he doesn't wanna tag along with my lameness. Haha. I know I'm lame, so, you guys don't need to remind me of that.

I've always heard from people that the best is yet to come, so, I told Jeremy the same thing. The best thing is always reserved for the last. Maybe not all of you believe so, but I do believe so but that doesn't apply to me, sorry.

I know Jeremy's been going through a series of worries and troubles regarding working and living in London and I do wish he would be able to pull through. Yes, I might not be able to help much with just listening to his grumbles but if his grumbles could make his burden lighter, that's what I'll do for a best friend like him.

*tears welling in the eyes*

Jeremy, I might be far, far away from you but remember, my prayers are with you all the times for whatever things you do.

*tears rolling down the cheeks*

I couldn't believe it when he told me that nobody has ever said that to him before.

*more tears in the eyes*

Jeremy, I might be annoying, noisy, childish and silly at times but I do wish that sometimes, if you ever need my ears to listen to your problems, I could be there for you (I know you'll try to get me to fly to London again for... countless time). Pick up the phone and call me laa, abang! Haha... Or like what I've said, perhaps some day, when I'm down with a fever again, you might receive another phone call from me to you and that's all the way from KL to London!

Be strong!

P/S - The pictures are only for illustrations and not other purposes, so, if you so wanna read what our conversations were about, click those pictures.


Jeremy said...

Oi~~!!! Show it to everyone ah... geezzz.... private leh.... hmmmm.... but... thanks for being there... :)

Angel Valerie said...

haha... i moderated it already. u can still can it out. haha... dont worry, pal. that's what friends are for!