Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hartz Chicken Buffet

You're loving fried chicken, grilled chicken or even curry chicken? If your mind is all about chicken, chicken and more chicken, then, do consider on giving Hartz a visit because in Hartz, everything is about chicken, chicken and more and more chicken!

If you love KFC or McD's so much but you're getting tired of their typical same-taste fried chickens, there's another reason for you to go to Hartz.

I have been to Hartz for like... hmm... I think 4 times and thoroughly, the ambiances at the four different Hartz' restaurants are not bad. Let's see... I've been to Hartz in Sunway, Bintulu and twice at different Hartz' branches at Kuching.

You pay the amount of not more than RM20 inclusive of tax for adult and for children of 1 metre and below, it's not even more than RM10.

The fried chickens and other dishes at Hartz aren't so bad if you ask me... Take a look...

The cheese macaroni was good the other day when I got there but too bad because they don't serve it everyday. If you love mashed potatoes so much, go to KFC instead.

Deng, deng, deng... it's time to introduce to you all the desserts served at Hartz. I like the desserts there especially the cinnamon cakes and breads. They taste good. If you so happen to be at Hartz, try out their Crunchy Dessert and you'll know why I love the buttery taste of it.

Honestly, I wouldn't say their chickens are good because I still think KFC serves the BEST fried chicken among all the fast-food restaurants in Malaysia. As for McD's, I don't quite like their fried chicken but I love their chicken nuggets and fries.

Anyway, I don't wanna judge much about their food because it's subject to personal likings.

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