Thursday, July 31, 2008

Of stupid statements that get me boiling!

I'm particularly pissed with an incident that happened few days ago. I can still feel the blood inside me raging and boiling because of something that somebody said.

On the whole, I never am a petty person. I might be mad at somebody now but some moment later, I'll feel completely fine again. I know there will be somebody out there labeling me as petty, never mind, because that's not my problem.


He can find fault with my appearance, attitude or stuffs like that - I don't mind but the thing is, he indirectly put me down to the standard of somebody stupid and doesn't understand the meaning of the word IF at all.

I obtained my ENGLISH LANGUAGE degree BLACK and WHITE and I didn't cheat during examinations. I studied for all my papers although I didn't excel in every subject! If he was questioning my eligibility, get his arses back to UTAR and question the Dean or Department of Examinations and Awards on how I get my degree.

I admit, perhaps, I am not smart enough like him who managed to score equally well in every subjects. Call me dumb or stupid that I really worked my arses out to get better results every semester but at least I DIDN'T CHEAT MY WAY THROUGH.


simply Ed said...

phoo... cool down sweetie...ignore that bastard...huhhuhu

Angel Valerie said...

wish i could just scream, "u bastard" at him but... i dont have the guts to do so... sigh...

Anonymous said...

greetings from cybercafe.
rest ur case with the Lord..
cz sometimes ppl say sth they dun even noe the real stuff or happenings..
so don get too angry ya.

Roses said...

this kinda creature do not actually worth ur anger.
when one says such, u should ask one to "fuck off and write an english novel if his english is better than u"

Angel Valerie said...

gloria, it's been so long since i last heard from u. hope everything's fine! sorry that i didnt tell a lot of ppl about the closing down of my previous blogger account. thanks for dropping by again. dont worry, i'll be fine :)

roses, yes, he thinks he's more inferior than me bcoz u know, even when he used to fall asleep during lecturers, he managed to get d best results among all of us. makes us look like retards sometimes.

no worries bout it. i've gotten over it like what u've said. he doesnt worth my anger.

Roses said...

one cannot ask for more when each one had personal gifts from God.

however, he should stay low and keep in mind there are people who is greater out there and he aint that great after all.

next time u come across him, u shouldnt say anything at all but show ur pure body language of dislike. that, my friend, is PURE GLOBAL language