Sunday, July 27, 2008

My collection...

Note: Super lots of pictures ahead. Read at your own risk.

Just as I've promised earlier, I'll do an entry on my collection. Alice, this entry is for you. Oh, ya, Mimi, if you're reading this, it's for you too! Chowchow, I'll do an entry for you some day later because I don't have pictures of you with make-up. Don't worry, I still love you.

If you ask me between natural or fake beauty, I'd opt for fake. Alice, you know very well I always choose fake instead of natural. Memang sister for life! Haha. Alice, who's the totally opposite of me believes in natural beauty because she is a natural beauty while I'm not.

If you want to interview our natural beauty a.k.a. Miss Alice, this is what she'll tell you...

"Drink a lot of water, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and workouts." This phrase works on Alice like MAGIC but sadly, it doesn't work on someone like me who don't really drink water and don't like vegetables and fruits while too lazy to workout.

Do you know why? It's because...

It's because Alice is not a human being. She's a Supergirl, Superman's girlfriend. Eh, Alice, I don't know if you have preferance in Batman or Superman or Ironman, so, I put Superman, okay? Haha. Don't strangle me, please...

Okay, my attention was diverted...

It's not that I don't trust that natural beauties exist but I do think that natural beauties use make-ups to make themselves look flawless, like this...

~ My friend is a natural beauty with or without make-up ~

Basically, I think beauty comes with a price in which, for girls, it means splurging on clothes, make-ups, skincare products and healthy food. I don't know what does beauty mean for guys and if guys out there are willing to share, it'd be nice.

~ Friend again, with minimal make-up ~

I am, as you all know, a typical girl inside out, upside down, who wants to look at my best even if it means splurging on make-ups and clothes. For some of my close friends, you know what I've been through for the past years just to regain the lost self-confidence. Since then, I've been investing on make-ups and clothes to add plus points in my regaining my self-esteem.

Argh... You know, it's tough being a girl... That's why people say girls spend more than guys - we've gotta spend on make-ups, dresses and monthly pads for aunty's visit. You've to agree with me on the aunty's visit thing.

Let's put that issue aside and talk about something else... like, MY COLLECTION. Laoniang super nice today, so, let you take a peek inside my collection lor. First of all, let me introduce to you my Totoro...

No, no, no... The green one is not my Totoro although the name of the character is Totoro. My Totoro is the one in pink colour. That's my Totoro!!!

Okay, for now, the first thing I'm gonna show you... By the way, all the products shown are not in order, so, don't go around telling people, "Angel said..." because I will kick your arses so hard that you'll kiss the moon for that!

I'll start on the products you normally use to cover your imperfections like bases, concealers and foundations. Here...

~ Make-up base from Skin Food ~

~ Pressed powder from Silky Girl ~

~ Blusher from IN2IT ~

~ Concealer from Maybelline ~

Oh, ya, I've just got myself another concealer from Clinique last week. I think it's far better than the Maybelline's concealer. The best part is of course the price. I got it at a freaking RM45 only! Normally Clinique's concealer is sold at RM90++ but last week, there was a warehouse sale, so, that was how I got it. Sorry, no picture available.

Now, it's time for foundations... Well, I have two at the moment and I'm thinking of getting another one soon...

Those two foundations are both from Maybelline. I know you're wondering why in the second picture of the foundations, there's a F3 word on the casing. Well, I got it free because I participated in their survey and the tone matches my skin. I love freebies!

Next in the line are products used on the eyes. First of all, I'll let you see my bases for eye-shadows and also my percious eye-shadow collections. Although some of the eye-shadows come with their own bases, I still bought extra ones just in case I needed more... Typical kiasu-ness in me.

~ Collection #1 from Sasa ~

~ Collection #2 from Mark and Spencer ~

~ Collection #3 from Elianto ~

From #3's eye-shadows, I can show you the effect it creates... Not very striking but it's kinda enough to let others know you put eye-shadows...

~ My man and I ~

That was a joke... He's not my man but my twin brother, Bernard... I guess he'll kill me if he sees this later... But lucky he's been too busy to online lately.

~ Collection #4 from Elianto ~

~ Collection #5 from Clinique ~

~ Collection #6 from Cosway ~

~ Collection #7 from Clinique ~

~ Eyelights pencils from Silky Girl and Kate, Shiseido ~

And now, time for eyeliners and mascaras in which, I totally love them. Oh, if you're asking me on which brand of eyeliners you can go for if you're a beginner in make-up, go for Kate's. First, their eyeliners especially the liquid ones are easy to use even with shaky hands. Second, they're not dead expensive. I got mine for RM33.90 at Watson.

As for mascaras, I came across one of Clinique's mascara that is meant for Asians with tiny and short lashes. It's priced at RM100++ and for me, that's just too expensive for a mascara but it's really easy to use and creates dramatic effects better than those Lash Wonders by Maybelline.

Take note, I'm not against Maybelline because I still use their products. This is just my personal opinions.

If you're dead against mascaras because of your shaky hands that instead of having lustrous lashes, you ended up looking like a panda, go for fake lashes. I don't mean those at Shu Uemura but those that are sold at Chameleon starting from RM2.90 per pair. They're actually good although they can't beat Shu Uemura's collections that are sold from RM49.90 per pair. I don't have much for fake eyelashes but I think my collection is more than enough for me.

If you can afford Shu Uemura's fake eye-lashes, you should go for it because the lashes are really pretty and look like real human's lashes. It would be better if you want to put crystals on your eyelashes. The price of the crystals start from RM0.50 per piece.

Alice hates me very much for the fake eye-lashes. Why? It's because I was the one who influenced her to get pairs and pairs of them but never use them, not even once. As for Mimi, she never needs all these because her natural eye-lashes are so long that it'll scare you away! I want her eye-lashes!

Deng, deng, deng... It's time for lips-service. No, you hamsap guai,my lips-service doesn't mean kissing. No kissing allowed here... It's all about my collection of lip-glosses and lipsticks. Hate or like me, you decide.

~ Pink lipstick from Maybelline ~

~ Shimmery nude lipstick from Red Earth ~

~ Lip-glosses from IN2IT, Red Earth, Clinique & Silky Girl ~

Not a lot, right? Perhaps I should add more into my collection since I love lip-glosses more than lipsticks. They make your lips look irresistible.

The end of make-up products and now, I'm going to let you see my make-up accessories which includes brushes and more brushes with eye-lashes' curlers.

~ Brushes from all-over-the-place ~

~ Eye-lashes' curlers from all-over-the-place ~

I bet now you understand why I need those products and accessories, right? If you don't, let laoniang tells you again... I'm a typical girl who wants to look beautiful from time to time. Why again? Without make-up, I look like this...

~ Tiga hari tak boleh berak ~

Fugly, right? I know, you don't have to remind me of that because I very well know myself inside out, upside down. You just have to agree with me.

And now, time for some make-overs. Okay, let me tell you, the following pictures are bimbotic, so, if you don't like it, you can hate me for that. Muahahaha...

With a little bit of touch-up, from the picture above, I can look like this...

~ Forgive my lameness and camwhoring skills ~

I know those pictures don't look like me at all but face it, that's me. Maybe there are some people that will go I don't look any prettier than the above 'tiga hari tak boleh berak' pictures but never mind, no big deal.

Perhaps, if I'm can wake up early everyday and put make-up, then, I can look like like 365 days a year and 12 months a year. No, I can't do that 24/7 because before you go to bed, you need to remove your make-up.

~ The most bimbotic moment ever ~

Now, you can proceed to hate me for my bimbo post and bimbo make-up products.


Alice said...

OMG u really miss me that much ar.. thanks for promoting ar.. but i m not for sale. ahaha but leh..nowadays my skin is dying on me.. i think i need to slap on a little bit of make up too now. sigh! hate make up but cant live without it as well..

ps: I m still a firm believer of natural beauty. Just that sometimes make up are essential in some occassions >.<

Angel Valerie said...

hahaha... i know u believes in natural beauty but too bad im not born a natural beauty... depends on make-up a lot to look great.

think we're all getting old... my skin... u should've seen me nowadays.