Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thus, war begins...

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived a wannabe Rottweiler doggie called GW Bush. Initially GW Bush was not called GW Bush but Kiki. Kiki adopted the name of GW Bush because of his cruelty towards his people. Thus, he was known as GW Bush from then on.

GW Bush always picked on the weaker people to prey on them. He would bite, shook and sometimes scared them off.

His underlings like Eevee or better known as T-Blair or Saadam @ Bobo were scared of him whenever he made appearances.

~ Bobo a.k.a. Saadam ~

~ Eevee a.k.a. T-Blair ~

Saadam, being the number one opposition of GW Bush finally made a decision to kick GW Bush's butt, so, he contacted his private investigators, Lulu and Blackie, to assist him. Lulu, being all white in colour, could not show herself because she looked obvious in daylight while Blackie, being all black, always stroke off at midnight because nobody could see him.

~ Saadam, contacting Blackie ~

~ Saadam: Psst, Blackie, here's how to do it ~

Soon, GW Bush instead or ruling the people, was captured and chained to perfection. Both Saadam and T-Blair were happy that they were finally freed from the torture of GW Bush.

At the end of the day, everyone was happy, thus, Lulu and Blackie demanded T-Blair and Saadam to pay them...

Until we meet again, folks, they said.

Meanwhile, Blackie, being black as he was, was an angry kitten all the times, so, he got mad when people stared at him, so...


I know it's lame...


simply Ed said...

In all honesty... its really lame lar...

Angel Valerie said...

i know :P

i am.

too bored.