Saturday, June 28, 2008

TGI Friday's

Me brother and I went to TGI Friday's after much persuasions from friends and endless recommendations from blogger, Lillian Chan. Well, I went there without much expectation of good food because honestly, I used to think that the food there would be QUITE expensive judging from the ambiance of each outlet.

Okay, I was kinda a little wrong - yeah, it's kinda pricey but it's still affordable I'd say. For example for RM7.90, you can get yourself a glass of iced lemon tea. Expensive? Well, how about refilling it after the first glass and refilling again after the second or third glass? Sounds too good to be true, but it is!

I'll let you have a little sneak peek at the outlet in The Curve, PJ. I was there two weeks back with me brother and he was a little fascinated with the big airplane.

Kinda classy, right? Well, whatever it is, you'll be more amazed when the food is served. Me brother and I ordered their value set meal that consists of one appetizer, one main course and one dessert which is priced at RM39.90 per set. Affordable, right?

I thought their portion wouldn't be large but when it was served, you could actually share the set with another person but we were silly enough to order two sets and in the end, me brother had to finish everything up since I was so stuffed.

I ordered...

~ For appetizer ~

For the first piece, when I sliced it up, the melted cheese kinda spill out and I was in heaven when I had it. I'll definitely go back to order this dish again.

Yummilicious Mac n' Cheese...

I also ordered...

~ For main course ~

Me brother's fault for ordering this one that at first, seemed like a typical burger but once I ate it, it tasted different! Really very different. Perhaps, you can consider ordering this one.

As for my dessert, I simply love it...

~ For dessert ~

The cookies they used are their homemade cookies and it tasted so nice when you actually eat it with their ice-cream and caramel. Warning** for sweet-tooth like me only.

As for me brother, his appetizer was really special...

~ His appetizer ~

It's shrimp in martini! If you love sour-ish shrimp, try this one out! It's really nice and it's so nice that I can't comment more. Haha.

~ His main course ~

The cheese is melted on the hot plate. The grilled chicken breasts are served together with the cheese, mashed potato with peppers. Really nice!

~ His dessert ~

He said the cake was nice but personally, I don't like the cake. I'd prefer those at Secret Recipe and Zen as well.

Well then, that's the end of my finding. I'll leave you guys with the wonder of the taste. If you so wanna eat it, go to T.G.I. Friday's.

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